Row for the Cure - Poughkeepsie

  • Hosted By: Wappingers Crew Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Poughkeepsie Row for the Cure – Rules




  1. Boats will be called to the docks about 30 minutes prior to their race time.  Boats are not at liberty to come until they are called over by bullhorn.
  2. Docking area is for rowers and boats, not spectators.
  3. Bring oars down in advance to speed things up.
  4. You have two minutes on the dock.
  5. Launching boats have priority over returning boats
  6. All hotseating will happen at the Vassar Docks. Please let us know at the Coaches and Coxswain's meeting who will need to be hot seated.


Traffic Pattern:


  1. Coxswains should travel towards the starting line with the shore on their right and the course on their left.  As you travel toward the starting line, hug the shore and do not cross into lane 1.
  2. Travel past the start line, which is indicated by an orange painted rock (or boulder) on the right side of the course.  Do not pass the white house on the right shoreline. Turn your boat around at the train light near the starting line and line up into lanes. Marshals will instruct you on when to move forward toward the starting line.
  3. Listen to the marshals.  The marshals will give you instructions as your race approaches.
  4. Please know your Event Name, Number, Heat, Time, and Lane. You must have your bow numbers.
  5. Do not stray.  Pay attention to the time and heats before you.


 Lining Up:


  1. Lanes are numbered 1-6, with lane 1 being closest to the shore where the boathouse resides.
  2. The lanes are marked by the cross beams on the railroad bridge.  On the left third of the railroad bridge, there are eight "X's" which are formed by the crossbeams.  The leftmost and rightmost "X's" are not used.  Lane 1 is the second "X" from the left, Lane 2 is the third "X" from the left, etc.
  3. The aligner will give you instructions at the start.

Row for the Cure - Line Up.jpg


 The Start:


  1. Thirty seconds into the race the "breakage" time expires, and you lose the option to Protest the fairness of the start.
  2. The start of each race is signaled by the starter. The commands will be "Attention", then "Row".  Boat should go on the command "Row".



The Finish:


  1. After finishing the race, please paddle toward the railroad bridge.  Turn to port and come back toward the dock you launched from.
  2. As you approach the dock, wait for an opening to move your boat in.  The dock can accommodate up to three eights at a time.
  3. Please be courteous, and allow boats to launch.
  4. Please follow any directions given to you by the Dockmaster.
  5. Do not sit on the finish line, as the Hudson at this point is still tidal and flows upstream at certain time during the day.  This will cause you to drift back into the racecourse.




  1. At the conclusion of each race, any and all protests must be presented (first) on the water.  Do so by raising your hands until the Judge-Referee comes over to your boat and hears your complaint.
  2. If there are grounds for your complaint, the Judge-Referee will notify the Timing Deck.
  3. Upon getting to shore, the protesting crew, must put into writing the nature of the protest and bring it to the Timing Deck to be taken care of.  You have 30 minutes to do so.
  4. Do not crowd the Timing Deck.  You will be notified as soon as a decision is made.
  5. Failure to initiate the protest on the water will cause the right to protest to be forfeited.




  1. Medals are awarded to teams placing first, second and third in each event.
  2. In the case that an event has more entries than can safely compete in a single flight, there will be multiple flights scheduled.
  3. Due to the unpredictable nature of the Hudson River, it is important to complete the regatta before the water becomes unsafe to compete in.  Therefore, there will be no finals to decide the winners across the multiple flights.
  4. Medals are awarded for the three fastest times in each flight.



  1. For the purpose of this event Masters include ages 21+ 
  2. No handicaps for Masters events
  3. Scholastic events will include ages 18 and under.
  4. Mixed boats will have no more than half their rowers male.


Rules will be discussed at the coaches and coxswain's meeting.