Midwest Masters Sprints

  • Hosted By: Toledo Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

This information is current as of 1:56pm EDT on 6/12/2015.

We've moved to seven minute centers, and are attempting to run similiar races (where open lanes allow) simultaneously to complete racing on Saturday as early as possible.  The schedule below allows for flexibility if we encounter ship traffic, pleasure boats, or adverse weather.  Please advise as soon as able if compacting the schedule causes issues for hot-seating and we will adjust.

Organization Summary
Race Schedule and Times
Coaches Report (Portrait)
Coaches Report (Landscape)
Heat Sheet

Please make sure to bookmark http://www.toledorowing.org/results on your mobile device.  Results will be posted in real-time at this address.  No paper results will be posted.


1:56pm 6/12/2015:  Added an additional ten minutes between events 36 and 37 to allow ample time for hotseating crews from event 33 to 37.
1:56pm 6/12/2015:  Shortened break between events 24 and 25 from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.
1:56pm 6/12/2015:  Lengthened break between events 26 and 29 from 7 minutes to 30 minutes to allow for hotseating from event 25 to event 29.