SWEAT (Southwest Ergometer Amateur Tournament)

  • Hosted By: Jesuit College Prep of Dallas
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Weigh-In Procedure

  • All Lightweight and Coxswain competitors MUST weigh-in on race day.  Races will not be delayed waiting on weigh-ins.
  • The weigh-in area is located in the lobby of the Terry Center.
  • All Lightweight and Coxswain competitors will have their names, heat numbers, and erg numbers checked at the weigh-in. Each rower having successfully completed his/her respective weigh-in will then be gien a lightweight wristband by an official. Any competitor missing a verifying wristband that he/she has successfully weighed-in, or failing to weigh-in at all, will be allowed to compete at their pre-assigned time, but his/her result will be placed into the Heavyweight division for that category.
  • Please note the weight restrictions* for lightweight and coxswain races:
    • Junior/HS Men Lightweight:  155 max
    • Junior/HS Women Lightweight:  135 max
    • Masters/Open/Collegiate Men LIghtweight:  165 max
    • Masters/Open/Collegiate Women Lightweight:  135 max
    • Coxswain Men:  125 max
    • Coxswain Women:  115 max

* The weights listed are for this competition only.

Note that the C.R.A.S.H.-B. junior men’s lightweight limit is higher (165 lbs) than SWEAT. Heavyweight junior men attempting to qualify for lightweight at C.R.A.S.H.-B must weigh-in and have their Athlete Registration Card marked with their weight before racing.


Warm-up ergs will be available for use by all competitors adjacent to the competition portion of the race floor.

Rules and regulations

Event Classifications


  • Open - No age restrictions
  • Heavyweight - No weight restrictions
  • Lightweight – See weight restrictions.
  • Junior – Restricted to entrants in high school (or lower grade) born on or after January 1, 1998, i.e. students who are 18 or under OR will not turn 19 at any point in 2016. Junior age is calculated based on calendar year.

(Note: High school students ineligible by their birth date for the Junior events may race in the Junior heats, but their times will be designated as High School competitors and where possible ranked within the Open results.)

  • All entrants must be 14 or older by February 18 to qualify for CRASH B.
  • Freshmen are those that are currently enrolled in their Freshmen year of High school*.  Novices who are not currently Freshmen will need to compete in the Junior Lightweight or Junior Open events.
  • Master 30-39 – no handcapping, age is determined as of the actual race day.
  • Senior 40-49 – no handcapping, age is determined as of the actual race day.
  • Veteran 50+ – no handicapping, grouped in five-year age categories based on age as of the actual race day.  Registration fees will be waived for Wounded Warriors.
  •  Adaptive

*Athletes who have not yet reached high school (8th grade, etc.) are eligible to compete in the Freshmen events.

? All competitors will row on Concept2 Model D Ergometers for a simulated 2k race.

? Rowers may set the drag factor BEFORE their races begin, but may not adjust the setting during the race itself. Doing so will lead to disqualification.

? SWEAT volunteers serve as coxswains and will record scores manually as backup to the computer timing. All competitors must check-in with the SWEAT volunteer at their particular erg with an Athlete Registration Card (ARC) to confirm heat and erg assignments.

? Qualification times are NOT required to compete in the SWEAT Sprints. The event is open to all competitors regardless of experience/skill levels. If you are a competitive rower and wish to earn a sponsored trip from Concept2, please check with SWEAT officials for qualifying time information.

? Rowers must compete under their own names. Use of a pseudonym or other false identification will lead to disqualification and possible lifetime banishment from participation in future SWEAT events. In addition, athletes are not permitted to compete in place of friends or teammates. There are no entry substitutions.

? All competitors must wear shirt and shorts on the event floor, including the Bullpen area. Uni-suits, bodysuits, all-in-ones are also allowed.

? Due to safety concerns, we discourage the use of headphones during the competition.

? The format for the SWEAT Sprints is finals only. Competitors will be seeded based upon their submitted erg scores and row only once. Keep in mind that many events are large enough to require multiple heats to accommodate all athletes. The best overall time will win each event.

? Medals will be awarded to the winner of each category raced as determined by classification of age, weight, and gender. Competitors are only eligible to win a prize for the event in which they are entered.

The annual SWEAT Cup will be awarded to both a winning mens' and womens' junior team based upon a respective point tally from junior and high school designated races as follows:

S.W.E.A.T. Team Point Trophy                    
Junior Open & Lwt 1x Events       Junior Freshman Open & Lwt 1x Events         Junior Coxswain 1x Events  
Place Points     Place Points       Place Points
1st 12     1st 10       1st 8
2nd 11     2nd 9       2nd 7
3rd 10     3rd 8       3rd 6
4th 9     4th 7       4th 5
5th 8     5th 6       5th 4
6th 7     6th 5       6th 3
7th 6     7th 4       7th 2
8th 5     8th 3       8th 1

Interpretation of Rules

The meaning and application of these rules will be determined solely by the SWEAT Race Committee. All deliberations and decisions by the Race Committee will be secret, arbitrary, and final.