Western Canadian University Rowing Championship

  • Hosted By: Burnaby Lake Rowing Club


Every coach attending the 2015 Western Canada University Rowing Championships has an obligation to understand the Technical Package. Failure to do so could affect the final standings or the conduct of the competition. If someone does not understand an aspect of a Technical Package, he or she is to seek clarification from the Organizing Committee of the Western Canada University Rowing Championships. The Technical Package has been developed by the 2015 Organizing Committee in conjunction with past organizing committees and by reviewing the founding principles of the regatta itself. If an individual wishes to initiate a change to the Technical Package the desired change should be directed to the organizing committee who will evaluate the merits of the change. Changes to the regatta will be considered at almost anytime, but will be increasingly difficult to achieve within one month of the regatta itself. Changes made after October 5th, 2014 will not be considered.

2015 Western Canada University Rowing Championships Organizing Committee – contact info

Ian Gordon - [email protected]

Technical Package

1. Participants:

1.1. Competitors: - Schools are eligible to register as many athletes as they wish for participation in this regatta. The cost to register an athlete for participation in the regatta is $35.

2. Eligibility:

2.1 Athletes: a) All athletes must be registered with Rowing Canada Aviron and be in good standing with their school. b) All athletes must be recognized as a full time student enrolled in a registered post-secondary institution in Canada or the United States. c) All athletes must be eligible under the CURC rules of racing. https://rowingcanada.org/sites/default/files/images/misc/cura_regs_2013.pdf

2.1.1 Excluded from the Event b) Those not following CURC eligibility rules.

3. Competition:

3.1 Rules The official rules of RCA will govern the competition.

3.2 Sanction The competition is sanctioned by the Rowing British Columbia on behalf of Rowing Canada.

3.3 Equipment All schools shall be responsible for the provision of all boats, oars and sculls as required for each race. The provision of equipment shall respect the order of events and the boating of crews for these events. The transportation of all equipment shall be the responsibility of each school.

3.4 Event Format The following events will be included, with each school able to enter up to four boats in each event contested at the WCURC Regatta (Per discipline – Lightweight Women / Men and Heavy Men and Women) 1X single sculls 2X double sculls 2- pair oars without coxswain 4+ four with coxswain 8+ eight oars with coxswain NOTE: Coaches/managers may not participate as competitors The 2015 Regatta Committee will attempt to follow the same schedule of events as has been run in previous years.

3.5 Heats to Finals If there are more than 6 entries there will be heats to determine the “A” and “B” finals. Straight finals will be run for events that have 6 entries or less.

3.6 Race Distance All races will be 2000m in length.

4.0 Scoring Procedures:

4.1 Each event will be scored separately according to the following: 1st Place = 4 points 2nd Place = 2 points 3rd place = 1 points The points will be accumulated towards the overall point totals in the Women’s / Men’s and Grand Championships.

4.2 Tie Breaking In the event of a tie between two or more schools, the team winning the varsity eight will be awarded an extra point.

5.0 Competitive Uniform:

5.1 Each competitor must wear his/ her school colours.

6.0 Lightweight Athletes:

6.1 Lightweights will weigh in between 2 hours and 1 hour before the first scheduled lightweight race of the day I.E If the first lightweight men’s race is at 10:00am the scales for the men will open at 8:00am and remain open till 9:00am. If the first lightweight women’s race is at 11:00am lightweight women will weigh in between 9:00am and 10:00am. All lightweights regardless of whether they are in the first lightweight race of the day are required to weigh in during this time period.

6.2 Lightweight Men may not weigh any more than 73.5kg while lightweight women may not weigh any more than 60kg.

6.3 Lightweights may weigh in as many times as necessary during the allotted 1-hour time period