Carnegie Lake Regatta

  • Hosted By: Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
Rules and Information

Race course is 1000 meters for all events with a floating start
Limit of 3 entries per organization per event (except singles events)
All heats are finals.
Mixed crews must be composed of an equal number of men and women
No composite entries
Two entries from different clubs per event required for a race

Registered Regatta; 2007 Rules of Rowing apply

Rule 2-311, all broken equipment in the starting area will be given 5 minutes to repair with an immediate restart following the repair
Rule 3-105, Bowball; every boat must have a bowball 
Rule 3-109, Footgear Release; the heel shall not raise more than 3 inches
Rule 3-201, Uniforms; all rowers must wear identical clothing
Rule 3-202, Bow Numbers; every boat must have a bow number (please bring bow numbers 1-6 if you have them)
Rule 4-107, A female rower may not compete in events for men, and a male rower may not compete in events for women.
Rule 5-203, all clubs must be USRowing organizational members except for single entries who, if unaffiliated, must be full-privilege individual members of USRowing.
A competitor shall represent only one club

Payment by credit card only

Masters Events (including AA Category) - All rowers must be 21 years of age or older as of December 31, 2007.

Age handicaps will be applied according to USRowing, 2007 Rules of Rowing

Novice Events - All rowers must be in their first year of rowing

See to enter by the deadline date: August 19, 2007

All participants must have a "Release of Liability" on file with USRowing or submit a "Release of Liability" available at by June 17th, 2007.

    Singles - $25
    Doubles - $35
    Fours & Quads - $50
    Eights - $85

All payments must be made by credit card with