SNRC High School Invitational

  • Hosted By: South Niagara Rowing Club

Athlete Drop off Areas

  • The main Athlete Drop off Area is at the John Deere Parking Lot where they can cross Canal Banks Road, at either of the two designated crosswalks, and walk to the Boathouse area.
  • Alternatively, athletes can be dropped off at The Colborne Street Parking Lot and then take the free shuttle service to the boathouse area. However, it should be noted that there is only limited shuttle service in this area and there may be delays during busy periods.

Shuttle Service

A free shuttle service will transport individuals between the Boat House parking lot and the Colborne Street Parking Lot area on a regular basis throughout the day Saturday and Sunday and also between the John Deere parking lot and the Forkes Rd. bridge.

If you or your athlete needs to get to the Boathouse area quickly, you are strongly encouraged to use the athlete drop off area at the John Deere Parking Lot.

Watching Races

  • Following races by motorized vehicles along the Kingsway (on the east side of the race course) is strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification of the crew being followed.
  • Viewing areas are available along the course in the finish area, including the grandstand.
  • We encourage you to bring a bike and use the Welland Canal Trail that follows the course on the west side.

Welland Canal Trail

The Welland Canal trail begins in Port Colborne and runs along the west bank of the rowing course. You may bring bicycles or roller blades to use on the trail.