Head of the Lagoon - Collegiate & Masters

  • Hosted By: Peninsula Aquatic Center
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The Venue opens at 6:00 AM to athletes, coaches and spectators. Please do not arrive before 6:00 AM on Saturday

REGISTRATION: Opens at 7:30 a.m. Each boat will receive a packet containing a bow number and two paper numbers (one for cox/stroke and one for bow person). Please see the course map and bridge map under VENUE. No boat will receive a packet unless entries are paid. No entries will be accepted on race day for any events.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Every boat must have a bow clip, bow ball and heel restraints for any shoes.  Each boat will be inspected for safety each time it is launched.

COACHES/COXSWAINS MEETING: This mandatory meeting will be held at 7:30 am. Sharp.

WEIGH-INS: Lightweights may weigh in at anytime from 7:30 a.m. up to 1 hour before race time. Crews must weigh-in together. Lightweights: Women ~ 135 lb., no averaging. Master and Collegiate Men ~ 165lbs. Coxswains will not be weighed. Crews that do not weigh-in will be scratched. If you do not make weight, you may row in the OPEN division of your boat class. Wristbands will be given out.

Novice 1X, 4+ & 8+: These events are to accommodate novice rowers. Masters are considered novice for first 2 calendar years of rowing. The calendar starts on your first practice day.

RACE COURSE: The course starts at the southern end of the Lagoon and traces a path shaped like the numeral ‘2’, passing under three bridges, along the boardwalk at Central Lake and finishing before Port O’ Call Shopping Center, a distance of 5 kilometers. The course is clearly marked with 120+ large orange BEMA buoys. Racing begins with rolling starts with a 10-20 seconds interval between boats. The buoys are there for safety and do not give you a race advantage.


Passing: Boats may pass slower boats under Bridge #1 and #2 only. This means if two boats are approaching the same arch (there are two arches of race traffic under each of the 3 bridges), you may only pass a slower boat under Bridge #1 and #2. There is NO PASSING under Bridge #3-Foster City Blvd. This means you need to find your LANE OF OPPORTUNITY before you get to the bridge OR else wait until all boats are out of the bridges safely. Yelling and screaming like a maniac is not finding your LANE OF OPPORTUNITY.

Assessed penalties are as follows:

  1.  Crews will be assessed a 30 second penalty for failing to yield to an overtakiing crew. An overtaking boat has the right of way and slower crews must yield and move to the outside of any curve.
  2. Crews will be assessed a 1' penalty for interference on the course.
  3. Crews will be excluded for rowing in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  4. Crews will be assessed a 10 second penalty for crossing a buoy with oars.
  5. Crews will be assessed a 30 second penalty if their hull crosses the buoys.
  6. Passing a boat under bridge #3 results in a 30 second penalty.
  7. Crews will be excluded for rowing through the incorrect arch of any of the 3 bridges. This means rowing through the arch of oncoming traffic. In the race direction, all 3 bridges have 2 arches to choose from: a safe arch and an arch that takes skill. Both arches are available for racing. The 3rd arch of oncoming traffic is not available for racing. This is a safety concern as doing so can cause a head-on collision.

At the Finish: Crews must continue rowing at least 100m beyond the finish line. There is a finish chute of buoys that all boats must clear before stopping and turning.

For Spectators: There is also no standing allowed on any of the bridges. The bike/pedestrian lane on the bridges is in the center, so standing to get a view would put you in the traffic lane which would then get you a ticket from FCPD. Standing is allowed off to the sides of the bridges, under the arches.

AGE HANDICAP:  Time USRA handicapping for age will be used.

Bow Numbers: You do not need to bring bow numbers, they will be provided. Please make sure they are returned after racing. Any lost NEW bow numbers will be charged $5.

Launching/Recovery: There will be 4 large docks and one small dock for singles and doubles. Make sure your boats have  no more than people following to carry oars to the dock. Parents will NOT be allowed in the dock area. Max 2 coaches per boat for oar carry only.

AWARDS: Custom medals will be awarded to first place. If there are more than 6 boats, then second place medals and if 9 or more boats then third place will also be awarded. Events must have at least two boats to run. We will not run an event with only one entry at the time of the draw.

PERPETUAL TROPHIES: Crews may take home our perpetual trophies as long as they sign a guarantee that they will return them in good condition, and pay for replacements if they damage or lose the trophies.

FOOD & BEVERAGES: No personal BBQ’s, coal or propane, will be allowed on the regatta site. This means anything with an open flame, This is  due to the fire that occurred at HOTL 2006. Fine Designs will be on site with regatta t-shirts. JL will be on site with rowing apparel. The Foster City Lions Club will have food for sale on Saturday.

QUIET ON THE LAGOON: Please remain quiet on the Lagoon before 9:00 a.m. Use common sense thereafter as this is a quiet residential neighborhood and we would like to be invited back!

COURTESY AND COMMON SENSE: The Community Recreation Center is a public facility paid for by the tax dollars of the residents of Foster City. We must allow them access to the Community Recreation Center parking lot. We must also keep all doorways and sidewalks clear of tents, athletes, boats and oars. There are a few bronze statues in the launch area and around the main building, please do not touch, set up camp near or hang bags on these statues. This is a direct MANDATE from the regatta officials. Thank you for your attention to this matter. There is also no public urination allowed anywhere, Foster City, or any other peninsula city. If there is a line for the toilet, please keep your uni-suit on.