USRowing Southwest Regional Masters Championship

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta


Parking (Cars and Trailers)
Parking is available inside Lakeside Park on Bellevue Avenue. The cost on weekends is $5 for all day
parking. The parking operating hours are from 7:30am until dusk. The Bellevue Ave. and Pathway
Improvement project will be in construction from April 26, 2016 through September 2016. During
portions of the construction there will be limited parking and pedestrian access along Bellevue
Avenue, though all facilities will remain open and accessible.
You should be able to re-enter. If you are car-topping, explain to the attendant that you are dropping
off your boat and may need to swing around and re-enter to park. The city should waive any
additional fee. There is parking along the road after you enter the park (Bellevue Avenue).
Carpooling is encouraged. Metered parking is available along the roads surrounding the park but the
time available won’t last for the whole day.
If you are car-topping, please unload your boats in the drop-off zone and then re-park your vehicle.
The drop-off zone will be marked in chalk and is the area just past the Sailboat House parking lot
entrance driveway.
There is no permanent parking in the drop-off zone AT ANY TIME!
Please note: When you arrive with your trailer, you will be greeted by a volunteer who will ask you
to complete a form providing us with your vehicle/driver contact information (primary and backup)
for your safety. If we do not receive this, you may be subject to tow.