Blake Haxton Fall Invitational

  • Hosted By Upper Arlington Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Haxton Parking Areas and Traffic Flow

Haxton Race Course Map

NOTE: Seeding is used from last year's varsity event results. The starts are performed 'Henley-style' with two crews starting through the chute at the same time.

The course is a fully buoyed 5000m course. Crews are expected to be able to navigate the buoys without crossing through the main buoy line. There is no advantage to 'cutting the course.' The shortest course is attained by keeping your port side blades inside the buoy line. From the start line, coxswains should point toward the end of the 'wall' on the opposite shore (east shore) and navigate a starboard correction as they get closer to the wall. From the wall (which is approximately 2000 m into the race), Coxswains should point slightly toward the west shore, being careful NOT to get too close to the far right side of the bridge. Once through the bridge, coxswains should maintain a straight southward line through the finish.

Once again - trailer GPS location is 3155 Riverside Dr. 43221

Food Trucks: Whether you’re a spectator or an athlete, it’s important to stay well fed and hydrated! Stop by the food trucks for some delicious taste treats…We have Steamin’ Joes for hot coffee, tea, chi, hot chocolate, iced coffee, lemonade, frozen lemonade, smoothies, muffins, granola bars and more!  Right next door is Nothing Bundt Cakes that will cure any sweet tooth or craving!  MoJo’s Tacos TaGo is a perennial favorite and has some AMAZING south of the border offerings!  Loop’s features hot dogs, gyros, salads, fries and more.  Last but not least is Salt and Pepper BBQ for those hankering for BBQ!!