Cromwell Cup

  • Hosted By: Riverside Boat Club
An e-mail, regarding everything about the regatta and including the regatta packet, will be sent out this afternoon. If you need to scratch an entry from now on, please e-mail me at mwvann[email protected]. Heat sheets will be posted by 7 PM this evening.

Changes to master's line-ups (and corresponding date's of birth) MUST be e-mailed to me, Matt Vanneman, at [email protected] before 5 PM SATURDAY, JULY 7TH. Line-up changes after this point ARE FORBIDDEN.

Any event with more than four entries will require heats. Events that require heats will be computed and posted on Friday evening. Heats will be run in the morning for events that require them, followed by finals for all events in the afternoon. As of 7/3/2007, many of the events will require heats, so plan on morning racing if you are in one of those.

The Mixed Open/Masters 8+ is open to all--masters, juniors, anyone. The event will be handicapped by average age, using US Rowing handicapping. Handicaps will be assigned to any boat with an average age greater than 27. If more than four boats enter, then heats will be immediately followed by both petite and grand finals as the last of events of the day.