GMS Regatta

  • Hosted By: GMS Rowing Center
  • 2016 Registered Regatta



The regatta is an official Registered Regatta with US Rowing and the event is supervised by three licensed US Rowing referees.

  • Qualification for lightweight Categories
    • These follow current HOCR rules
  •  Juniors (High School) - Exceptions will be allowed for the following groups
    • 16 and Under group can include Novice entrants who are over 16
    • 17 and 18 year old group can include 19 year olds providing they are still at high school
  • All boats must have Bow Balls and Footgear release
  • All participants must have signed a US Rowing Waiver
  • Follow the traffic pattern in holding area as you enter the lake from the gorge
  • Follow the traffic pattern on the course
  • Obstacles are marked by buoys – so beware
  • Follow the direction of buoys 'funneling' rowers to the correct side of the two islands
  • Obey all Marshals (approximately 10 boats with marshals will be deployed on the course)
  •  Timings and results are with PowerHouse Timing.  (They are the official timing service for the Head of the Charles) 
  • During the race there will be no overtaking through Lover's Leap Gorge
  • All participants must pull over to allow another boat to overtake
  • Any boat not going round the 'stake' will be disqualified
  • If for any reason you capsize and can't get back in move away from the course and wait for a marshal or a safety boat.


  • Spectators must keep away from the dock area (area will be controlled by dock master and team)
  • A bus will transport spectators to the finish at Addis Park (approximately 500 meters down Grove Street).
  • All cars will be parked away from the site as directed by traffic control staff.
  • Car topped shells are to be dropped off and cars are to be promptly parked as directed