Midwest Championship Erg Sprint

  • Hosted By: Denison University Crew Club, Ohio State University Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
2008 Midwest Championship Erg Sprint
Saturday, February 23, 2008

Races begin at 8:00 am and will run on 15 minute Centers

Heat Sheet will be posted after registration closes on 2/21

Race Parameters:

-All races will be run on Concept 2 Model D Ergometers with Projection Screens.
-Ergs will be available for 15-minute warm-ups.
Competitors may use the resistance setting of their choice, but the setting may not be changed
during the course of the race.
The race organizers reserve the right to:
1.Change the tentative schedule of events.
2.Combine events that have less than 5 registered participants.
3. Limit the number of events of flights.


-Competitors are responsible for their own warm-ups. Several ergs will be available for warm-ups,
please limit warm-up time to a maximum of 15 minutes.


-Flights will consist of 16 competitors. Flights will be matched as closely as possible according
to the time submitted on the registration packet.
-Prior to the race all competitors are required to submit their best time for the distance so that the
race organizers can seed competitors. Competitors may compete in more than one race if they

-All coaches and individual rowers must check-in at the registration desk at least one hour prior
to their first competitor's event. Registration desk opens at 6:30am. Failure to register and/or be
on deck at the allotted time will result in forfeiture.

-Protests are welcome, however a $25 protest fee deposit must be paid before the committee will
meet to discuss the matter. (Successful protests will be refunded)

Entry Fees

Early 1/21 to 2/17
$10 $15
Late 2/18 to 2/21
$15 $20
Race Day
$20 $25

You may pay by Credit Card on RegattaCentral or print a copy
of the invoice from RegattaCentral and bring to registration with a check.

Race Day Entries: 

Any entries made on Race Day will only be accepted as space allows. We will not create any new flights after online registration closes.

Weight-class specifications:

- Weigh-in for ALL lightweight events will take place near the registration desk. All weigh-ins
must be completed at least one hour before the scheduled event. Weigh-in opens at 6:45 am.
- If the competitor fails to make weight, be aware of the schedule for an alternate event. It is the
coach's responsibility to find an event for which the athlete is qualified. Please be absolutely sure
to check with your athletes and see that they can make weight prior to the official weigh-in. If
they do not make weight but are within 2 pounds of weight, they may re-weigh once more, up
until 45 minutes before their race. In the event that an athlete is overweight by more than 2
pounds, the event organizers will try to fit him or her into an openweight flight, if there is a
vacant erg. Be aware however, that if there are no vacant ergs in the openweight flights, the
event coordinators will not create a new flight for athletes who failed to make weight and entry fees will not be refunded.

Weight limits:
Lightweight Men: 165 lbs or less
Lightweight Women: 135 lbs or less
Coxswain Men: 135 lbs or less
Coxswain Women: 120 lbs or less

Masters Events:

This year we have divided out Masters age groups and as a result we will not be handicapping. Raw times will be the final times. We will also be offering a Masters 1000m event. This year we are not offering a points trophy for Masters clubs. In the event that we have enough entries from Masters Clubs we will consider awarding a Points Trophy next year.


- All 2000 meter events will count toward the team's point total. Junior and
High School teams may only earn points in Junior events and Open or Collegiate teams may only
gain points in those events, though Collegiate teams may not gain points from Masters events. A
more detailed description will be available upon registration.

- Points will be awarded in descending order from 6-1 to the top six finishers in each race that
qualifies for either the collegiate or high school point championship. If there are six or fewer
rowers in a race the last-place rower will be awarded no points. Several possible point
distributions are as follows:

               # of rowers

  6+ 6 5 4 3 2
1st 6 6 6 6 6 6
2nd 5 5 5 5 5 0
3rd 4 4 4 4 0
4th 3 3 3 0  
5th 2 2 0    
6th 1 0      
7th 0        

In the event of a tie in an individual race, both rowers will receive points. Ex,
1st 6
t-2nd 5
t-2nd 5
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1
7th 0

In the event of a tie in total points, the club with the most 1st place finishes will be
declared the winner. In the even of a further tie in the number of 1st place finishes the winner
will be determined by most 2nd place finishes and so on.