Fountain Point Masters Classic

  • Hosted By: Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Open: For any boat containing rowers between the ages of 19 and 27. Coxswains are exempt from age requirements.

Master's: For any boat containing rowers who are all age 27 or higher. Coxswains are exempt from age requirements.


Men's: All rowers are male. Coxswains are exempt from gender requirements.

Women's: All rowers are female. Coxswains are exempt from gender requirements.

Mixed: MUST contain 50% male and 50% female rowers. Coxswains are exempt from gender requirements.


Adaptive: May contain any combination of male and female rowers.



Using a public address system, an announcer will make first call 45 minutes prior to the listed race time. Last call will be 30 minutes prior to the listed race time. It is ultimately the crew's responsibility to launch on time. Crews that arrive at the dock less than 20 minutes prior to their race time may be automatically scratched. Calls to the dock will be adjusted if the regatta runs late (although regatta staff will make every effort to run on time). We expect crews and coaches to keep track of the schedule.



  • Open & Master's crews will race a 3k distance with the start at the set of large orange buoys approximately 2k south of the launch dock and near the WEST shoreline.
  • Adaptive crews will race a 1k distance with the start near the launch area.
  • Be at the start at least 5 minutes before the official start time of your race.
  • This is a flying start, in single file. Line up in order based on boat number. All boats will be provided with a back number for the bow person. (A 10-second penalty may be assessed for boats missing their place in the starting order or interfering with crews approaching the start.)
  • As directed by the starter or marshal, cross the starting line at race pace. Crews will be starting about 60 seconds apart.



USRowing rules will generally be followed.

Refs will be nominally lenient, especially to recreational and novice crews. However, we will expect all crews to be cognizant of the rules and to act with respect and sportsmanship towards other crews and regatta personnel. Protests must be lodged with a referee while the crew is still on the water.

  • Boats racing have the right of way over all other boats. Any non-racing boat that interferes with a race will be subject to a 30-second penalty or possible exclusion from its race.
  • An overtaking boat is considered to be overtaking when it moves to within a boat length of the boat it’s approaching. When passing another boat, the overtaking boat has the right of way, but is obliged to make it apparent to the boat ahead on which side it wishes to pass. Generally, overtaking boats should pass on the starboard side of the boat they are overtaking.  If, in the opinion of the officials, insufficient room is given, a 30-second penalty may be assessed. However, no overtaking boat should press its right of way to the point of collision.
  • Racing boats interfering with other racing boats will be subject to a 30-second penalty or possible exclusion from the race.
  • If one or more rowers is ejected from a boat during a race, the affected crew must stop and remain with those individuals until all are safely out of the water or safety boat arrives.
  • Respect for the safety of other competitors and equipment must be shown at all times. If, in the opinion of the officials, a crew is behaving in a dangerous or reckless manner, that crew may be excluded from its race.



All shells must be equipped with a bow ball. Each set of shoes within the shell must be equipped with properly-secured heel tie-downs.



The regatta committee will not refund scratches communicated to the regatta after the entry close date.

We look forward to a fun day of challenging racing!