Springfield Rockrimmon Regatta

  • Hosted By: Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

ARRIVAL INFO: The North Riverfront Park (NRP) staging area and PVRC boathouse is located at 121 West Street, Springfield (directions are here). 

EVENT VIEWING INFO:  In addition to NRP, the best viewing of the race course will be from the North End Bridge, Memorial Bridge, Connecticut River Walk & Bikeway, or Riverfront Park (all included in the map linked below).  The bikepath is 3.7 miles long and extends 1.2 miles north of the start (following the warm-up area) and 1.0 mile below the staked turn (near the Basketball Hall of Fame and associated restaurant area).

WARM-UP / COOL-DOWN INFO:  In the Bridge link below, there is an illustration of the North End Bridge.  On the right edge, you will see the boathouse.  Depending on precise water levels, it can be quite shallow in the first two arches of the North End Bridge.  Therefore when launching and landing, we suggest staying away from those arches.  Don't be tempted to go through, just to see if you can make it.  Upon launching proceed almost perpendicular to the shore until you are in line with the arch (staying aware of any racers crossing the finish line nearby).  The 3rd arch from the East will be used for anyone going above the course for a warm-up or cool-down.  The rest of the warm-up area will be a traditional loop of less than a mile.  Proceed around the warm-up area in a counter-clockwise direction.


Click here for a PDF-version of the High Level Stake Race Course Map

Click here for a JPEG image of Bridges with Race Directions

In 'round numbers,' the race is 5000 meters.  3000 of those meters are between NRP and RR Bridge (1.5K in each direction).  The bottom (aka. middle) 2000m proceed under two bridges heading south, around the two stake buoys (two ~90 degree turns), and under two bridges heading north.

YOUTH & JUNIOR Scullers:  The race will be ~3000 meters.  Instead of proceeding through two bridges, the stake turn will be approximately halfway between the Railroad and Memorial Bridges.

For additional information about PVRC, feel free to visit www.pvriverfront.org