Strong Island Sprints

  • Hosted By: St. Anthony's High School Crew



All rowers will row only once in heats, the number of rowers in each heat will depend on the number of entries in each event. Participants will be seeded, based upon erg scores submitted on the entry form, so that each rower will compete against other rowers of comparable abilities. The best time in each event will win the overall event. If there are not enough rowers per heat the event will be run with other events that closely match the speed of the event. All participants MUST have a valid US Rowing Waiver completed. If you have not completed your waiver during the registration process, we will require that you complete the waiver upon check in.

All rowers must check in at the registration table at least 1:30 hours before their event starts. Race times are tentative with an updated schedule posted on Friday night and final schedule will be posted in the Student Center on Saturday morning. Races generally run early-on time, not late.

  • What are the weight cutoffs?
    • Lightweights must be 160lbs or less for men and 135lbs or less for women. Coxswains should be Coxwains during the regular race season.
    • Weigh-in race attire is required for Lightweights and Coxswains. There will be no naked weigh-ins. Weigh-ins will be open all day but close 1 hour before each event, no rower will be permitted to weigh in after the hour mark before the start of their even
    • Athletes who fail to weigh in will still row on their assigned erg at their originally assigned time; the entrant will not be moved, only their results will be moved (into the Open category of their event). Coxswains will have the option to weigh-in for the Lightweight category if they fail to weigh-in at the Coxswain limit.
  • Is there a coxswain event? Yes!
  • Is there a parents event? Yes! And you will not be the only parent! Many parents enjoy the opportunity to experience what their athlete goes through and athletes enjoy coxing their parents.
  • Can someone take my place; Can I switch entries with someone? No. You are seeded based on your erg time and for liability reason, substitutions are not allowed.
  • I missed the entry deadline. How can I make a late entry? You may register day-of for $30.00, as a walk-in entry. We suggest that you do register ahead of time to ensure that you are seeded properly. Although we do our best to accommodate requests, walk-in entries are not guaranteed to be seeded based on their erg time.

Day of Event:

  • Please remember to check in at the registration table at least 1:30 before your scheduled race time.
  • Can I bring my own coach/coxswain/parent onto the floor with me? Each competitor is allowed to have one person to accompany him/her onto the competition floor.
  • Is there a warm-up area? The warm-up area is in the back of the Student Center (behind the large screen). Warm up may continue on the main floor until the race starter requests that all ergs sit easy.
  • How long is the Race? All Races are 2000 meters except Coxswain, Parent and Bantam races.
  • Results: Results will be posted on the “Proud Sponsors Results Wall” as soon as possible after an event category has concluded. Awards will be given to the top three times in each event category at the awards podium.
  • What drag factor do I have to use? You may use any drag factor setting you choose, but you may not change the setting once the race has started.
  • Can I bring food and drink into the Student Center with me? NO outside food or drink, except water, is allowed inside Student Center. Plenty of healthy food and beverage options will be for sale inside the Student Center Canteen.
  • Can I buy a used erg? You can purchase the ergs used at Strong Island Sprints at a discount. Please contact if you would like to reserve one of these new, used only on the day of the Strong Island Sprints, ergs.  
  • When can I buy a regatta t-shirt? Regatta t-shirts will be available for purchase on race day. Get them while they last!
  • Baskets: as part of our fundraiser, there are baskets that you can win. Check the basket tables out while waiting for your or your rowers race, while waiting for the results, or just because the baskets look awesome!

The meaning and application of these rules will be determined solely by the Strong Island Sprints Race Committee.