Pittsford Regatta

  • May 27, 2017 To May 28, 2017
  • sprint
  • Schoen Place
  • Pittsford, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Pittsford Crew
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

In addition to the information below you can download and print the Regatta Packet with the following link: 2017 Pittsford Regatta Packet


High school sweep rowers may race in only one sweep boat on a given day.

All high school sweep events are dual races, except time trials. The dual race course is 1200 meters on a straight course, finishing in the middle of the Village of Pittsford.  Winners advance to the next round.

The official Pittsford Regatta medals will be awarded to First and Second place finishers in each event for which there are three or more entries.

All sculling and Masters races are 1200 meters, head style race on the same course as the high school.  This was changed for 2016.

The course can be viewed from the Canal path right alongside the Canal.

-----------------------------------------   Master's Races ---------------------------------------

All Masters races and Sculling  will be on Saturday morning, with the start of racing (around 8:30 am) to noon.

The Pittsford Regatta continues the  unique tradition of allowing free entry to active scholastic and collegiate coaches who row in the singles event.

If you have an underage rower (ringer!) in your boat, you can still enter the boat on RC.  The boat will be seeded in an Open division run at the front of the corresponding Master's Division. Depending on the number of boats, there may not be any medals for such Open boats. 

For Masters events, all rowers must be age 21 and over. Handicaps are based on the average age of the boat, excluding coxswains. If a boat has a rower age 18-20, then that boat will be entered in an Open category and race just ahead of the Masters category.  Since this is a Master's regatta, we typically have very few Open entries, as they tend to be local crews who want to get out for a race. Open races may or may not have medals, depending on the overall number of entries.

Handicaps are now calculated by Regatta Central, and have been decreased to reflect distance change from 1.7K to 1.2 K.

  Historically, we and others have found that the handicapping we use (based on the GMS method) produces more competitive racing than the USRA method.  You can read about the reasoning behind using this method, different from the USRA method, here: http://www.row2k.com/features/features.cfm?action=read&ID=295.. For some undetermined reason, Regatta Central calls the GMS method the 'M' method. No handicapping is applied until rowers reach age 35.



------------------------------------  Scholastic Races ----------------------------------

The Boys 8 and Girls 4 competitions (all races) will be on Saturday afternoon.

The Boys 4 and Girls 8 competitions (all races) will be on Sunday.

Any boat judged to be a hazard to other competitors may be asked to return to the dock without being allowed to race. This is for the safety of all competitors. This rule will likely be applied if you flip.  Additionally, if your boat has an equipment failure and you can't be at the start on time, once it it repaired, the boat will be allowed to race Exhibition Only at a later time.

All boats will be checked for tie down shoes, watertight compartments, and a bow ball. Bow balls are not required for recreational type shells that have a bow with a radius comparable to or greater than that of a bow ball.

The dock will be open for launching on Friday afternoon. You must have a safety launch with you. The course will CLOSED from 4 pm to 6:30 pm, Friday, for laying the course.You may head west to practice. The race course is not open for practice Saturday or Sunday.  Security will be provided in the trailer area from Friday afternoon through Sunday.

Regatta information will be posted on http://www.pittsfordcrew.org and www.regattacentral.com.

The Pittsford Regatta is a USRowing sanctioned event.


Here is the rule on Masters:

Rule 4-104 Classification by Age 

  ....(b) Master: A Master is a competitor who has attained or will attain the age of 21 during the current calendar year. A competitor's age is determined as of December 31 of the current calendar year, rounded down to the nearest whole number. A competitor thus becomes a Master on January 1 of the year of his or her 21st birthday. A Masters crew shall be comprised exclusively of Masters rowers, but the coxswain need not be a Master.