Spring Sprints Invitational

  • Apr 8, 2017 To Apr 9, 2017
  • sprint
  • Lake Stevens, WA (USA)
  • Hosted By: Lake Stevens Rowing Club
  • 2017 Registered Regatta


General Timeline

4/1/2017- entry deadline

4/5/2017- final schedule posted

Each race day

8:00 am      Coach & Coxswain Meeting

8:30 am      First boats launch

9:00 am      First race of the day


Youth:  See USRowing rules.

Open: This category is open to anyone with racing skills.

Masters: 21 years of age or older.

AA Masters will not receive the benefit of an adjusted time.

Novice (Youth): Anyone who has not raced before 6/30/2016.

Novice (Masters): Anyone who has not raced before 6/30/2016.

Age in Years is the age of the competitor on 12/31/2017

Varsity/2nd Varsity Events

To compete in the 2V level of an event a club must have an entry in the 1V level of the same event. For example a club must enter the Youth Mens Varsity 1X in order to gain entry into the Youth Mens 2V 1X event. Limited exceptions may be granted in advance by the Regatta Director.

Weigh Ins

Weigh-ins will utilize the honor system.

Heats & Finals

All events will be Finals.  Any events with more than 6 entries will use Timed Finals.

Safety Requirements

All boats must have bow balls and quick release shoes or clogs in working order. Shells out of compliance will not be allowed to launch.

Safety Checks at Launch

LSRC will issue bow numbers to ALL competitors. Each shell must pass a safety inspection in the Control Commission area prior to being issued a bow number and launch directions. Failure to complete the safety inspection will delay your launch time until you have been approved.

Failure to check in may also result in a crew’s race commencing without them.

Launching / Landing

Dock Masters will be stationed on the launch and landing dock.  Please communicate any launching issues with Regatta Staff as you approach the equipment safety check area. Regatta Headquarters will be in direct contact with officials on the water. We are set up to launch / land every two minutes.  You are well advised to organize yourselves accordingly.  You will not necessarily be called to launch. 

Please allow enough extra time for an equipment safety check after which you will be directed onto the south side of the main launch dock complex.

Crews ready to launch are advised to make arrangements to have oars carried to the dock with the shell, a bow ball securely in place, gates open on oar locks, all heel ties in working order and regulation compliant.  Your equipment will be checked and a bow number affixed as you move onto the launch dock bow first.


Please do NOT enter the Recovery Launch Dock until your crew has arrived at the dock. If the recovery dock is required for launches due to congestion at the Launch Dock Do NOT remain on the dock after your crew has departed. Failure to comply with direction by the Regatta Director or Dock Master will risk being escorted from the area.

Traffic Pattern

The traffic pattern is shown on the accompanying map. Shells moving to the start line shall move in single file along the eastern side of the course until they reach the warm-up area. Each day the warm up areas will be reset adjacent to the start line for the day.  Saturday the 2000m mark (Youth/Open) and Sunday the 1000m mark (Masters/Open). NOTE: Large marker buoys will set the western most limit of the warm up area.

Crews MUST move in a clockwise direction around the warm-up buoys. When called forward to the start line crews will do so as they are moving in a westerly direction.