Lake Shawnee Spring Classic

  • Hosted By: Topeka Rowing Association


Joy Bettencourt Chairman of Regatta

785 806-8342

[email protected]

Located on the east side of Topeka, Kansas

Entry to Regatta off of Croco Road on the east side of Lake Shawnee.

Coach Information

The day of the event:

Coxswains meeting will be held at 0700.

First call to the water will be at 0720.

Event starts at 0800.

Dates and Deadlines: Deadline for registration and entries is April 23rd, 2017. 

Entries, entry fees, and signed waivers due by April 23rd, 2017

Meeting: Coaches, Crews, Scullers & Coxswains Meetings Saturday at 7:00 AM near the north entrance of the boathouse.

Safety: The Regatta Committee will continue to insure that a high quality, experienced safety patrol exists at the regatta.  A reminder to all rowers:  Lake Shawnee is open to the public, so please keep all valuables secured at all times. 

Insurance: The 2017 LSSC will be using Mariners Regatta Insurance.

Entry Fees:  Enter your crew and pay on Regatta Central. Please see Rules or Team Entry form for the fee structure. These fees must be paid at time of registration. 

Additions: Additional entries will be accepted after April 23rd only if they do not create more heats. Additions to empty lanes can be accepted until one hour before the first race of an event. The Regatta Committee will determine lane assignments for additions.

Scratches: Scratches prior to race day must be communicated to the Regatta Chairman.  Please report scratches during the regatta to the Regatta Administrator. 

Parking: Please direct any questions you may have regarding parking to the Regatta Administrator.  Please note that Tinman Circle may have other events in progress on the day of the regatta.  Signs restricting parking in some areas will be posted.

Medals/Awards: Medals will be labeled, packaged, and dispensed after race results have been confirmed and posted.  Medals can be picked up in the finish line.  There will not be a medals ceremony put on by the regatta committee.

Back-Up Plan: Weather conditions may alter the racing format.  If the racing format changes, a coaches meeting will be called. 

Uniforms: To assist us in identifying your crews, please make sure your uniforms include a large identifying mark, unique to your organization, on the torso of the crew member facing the referee.

Regatta Rules

1. Novices - A novice is defined as a college freshman rower or coxswain, or an athlete who began the sport less than one calendar year prior to the regatta date.  A coach may place an experienced (non-novice) coxswain in a novice boat for the safety of the crew and others.

2. Lightweight Crews - Lightweight men’s crews shall contain no athlete weighing over 160 pounds.  Lightweight women’s crews shall contain no athlete weighing over 130 pounds.

3. Coxswains: No weigh-ins.

4. Weigh-Ins – No weigh-ins.

5. Crew Changes -No change may be made in the members of a crew which has already raced in a heat except in the case of serious illness or injury, which shall be verified in advance of the next race for that crew by the Chairman of the Regatta. Crew changes will be made only by the head coach listed on that crew’s entry form.

6. Entry Fees- All events have a fixed fee for each race entered.

Boat Type

2K/ 1K Races



Doubles / Pairs


Quads / Fours





7. Eligibility- All questions of eligibility and qualification shall be referred to The Lake Shawnee Spring Regatta Administrator. Topeka Rowing Association reserves the right to limit or refuse attendance to any person.

8. Interpretation of the Rules- All matters regarding the organization and conduct of the Regatta will be referred to the Regatta Committee.  Questions of interpretation of these Regatta Rules shall be referred to the Chairman of the Regatta. All questions of interpretation pertaining to events on the water shall be subject to the USRowing Rules of Rowing and shall be referred to the Race Jury. All decisions are final except for appeals as provided in the USRowing Rules of Rowing.

9. Boat Requirements - To insure proper identification of crews, bow markers are required. Bow balls consistent with USRowing Rules of Rowing are also required.

Crews are responsible for their own bow markers. For safety, quick heel releases and bow balls are required. Inspections may be made prior to launching.

11. Docks- Docks will be numbered.  Crews will receive instruction from the dock master as to which dock to launch and recover.  Please be aware that during the 400 meter races, boats launching and recovering will cross the course.  It is imperative for all rowers to listen to the dock master’s instruction.

12. Concessions - All sales of clothing, food or refreshments, posters or like items shall take place only with the prior written permission of the Regatta Committee.

13. Recreational Single Definition - A Recreational Single, at this regatta, shall be no more than 24 feet long and shall be at least 17 inches wide at the water line. Boats not fitting this definition will not row as recreational singles.

14. Masters - A competitor’s age is determined as of December 31 of the current calendar year, rounded down to the nearest whole number. A competitor thus becomes a Master on January 1 of the year of his or her 21st birthday. A Masters crew shall be comprised exclusively of Masters Rowers, but the coxswain need not be a Master. Please be sure to include this information on the Event Entry Form.

15. Masters Events – All masters events will use the US Rowing handicapping calculation for each age, the those under 27 years of age receiving an addition to their finish times.  Grouping masters into age groups will not be made.


Additional Information

Make checks payable to:  Lake Shawnee Spring Classic

Use one line for each boat that you want entered in an event. Please include the name of the stroke crew member for all entries. This information is used to list race schedules. Masters events - please enter the average age of the rowers in the boat as of 12/31/2015.

Bring signed Release Waiver to Regatta Registration Check-in.

Event Schedule Subject to Change!!!