Head Up the Creek

  • Hosted By False Creek Rowing Club

Course Notes  

  • Length: 5 km
  • The course is not closed to non-rowing traffic. We are working with the operators of the ferries in False Creek (Aquabus and False Creek Ferries) to provide a safe event, but you will need to watch your course for steering “opportunities”.
  • We are working with the Vancouver Police Department (Marine Division) and the Coast Guard with respect to having the navigation channel in the eastern end of False Creek cleared of anchored boats for the regatta.
  • Failure by crews to round the buoys at the turn in the 5 km event will result in disqualification.
  • Don't hit the ferries or dragon boats. 
  • Please note: the Eastern end of False Creek is not a big area to turn a rowing shell at speed. It is wider than the northern end of the Delta Deas slough, and comparable to the north western corner of Elk Lake. You will need to work as a crew to turn your boats.
  • Link to course here: Google Maps
  • This year we hope to be able to launch from a new low profile rowing dock at the Vanier Boat Ramps in Vanier Park, Vancouver BC.

Small boats are to marshall before their flight in Alder Bay. This area is out of the wind while you wait. There is room to keep moving.

The buoys will be roughly in the following configuration on regatta morning. This year's buoys are 4' round yellow marks. There will be anchored vessels on the waterway and ferry boats scuttling about. They are obstacles to be avoided for a number of reasons. Keep all yellow buoys off your port side as you race or serious penalties will ensue. Very, very serious. And you will be labelled a "bad hombre" if you miss one.