Head of the Mississippi

  • Hosted By: Minneapolis Rowing Club
  • 2017 Registered Regatta
  • Cancelled


Local Racing Rules


At River Flats Park:

We will call boats to the water one hour prior to racing; but it is up to you to allow yourself enough time and to have bow numbers and boats ready at the start. Plan on taking at least 25 minutes to row to the warm up area.  Crews late to the line will be excluded from that race.


Launch and head down the East side of the river. Stay to the Port Shore and watch for oncoming racers.  Keep all RED Chanel Markers to your Starboard side - EXCEPT between the Railroad Bridge and Lake Street Bridge!! Very important to then move out and keep RED channel markers just to the Port Side and GREEN Channel markers just prior to Lake Street Bridge (2) to your Starboard side.

Continue through Lake Street Bridge and watch for boats coming across from Minneapolis Rowing Club.

Starting area is the Lake Street Bridge at Minneapolis Rowing Club.

After passing the Start you may row down to last Marshal and then circle clock wise in warm up area. Please pay attention to other boats and start moving to starting marshal as called or by time or with other boats in your event in order.



Follow the launch chute past Lake Street Bridge then cross to warm up area. Pay attention to boats coming up landing chute and do not impede boats coming up to staging area to start race. Pay attention and move slowly to warm up area. Do Not Cross Course – crossing course may lead to disqualification. No Hot Seating allowed from MRC Docks.



The race is run up the West side of the river (opposite of normal traffic pattern).

There are three bridges and 12 permanent channel navigational buoys on the course, as indicated on the course map. Any incidental hazards, such as snags or shallow areas, will be marked or have a safety launch and driver posted at them.


Bridges & Channel Markers:

You must go through shore span of the RR Bridge, Franklin (only one span) & 94 BUT must go through the far shore (West side) of the Washington Bridge – last bridge before finish.

There is a 1 min penalty for each bridge span you pass incorrectly.

You must stay to the West side of the course and keep all RED Channel markers to your Starboard Side and first GREEN channel marker (before RR Bridge) to your STARBOARD side.  The last GREEN channel marker before Washington Bridge (last bridge) must be on your PORT side and you must stay in the marked course past and all the way to Washington Bridge. There will be a 30 second penalty for each red buoy you cross with the hull of your boat through the last turn before Washington Bridge and for each time you are on the incorrect side of a channel marker.

Pay attention Crews warming up from the River Flats will be on the opposite side of the river.



Continue through FINISH. Do not stop right after finish! Continue to next red buoy and then begin turn to the East side and row carefully back to dock. Listen for directions from Finish Marshal and Dock Master.


Follow directions above for "launching from River Flats" all the way though Lake Street Bridge. Then circle and come to landing chute - pay attention to not impede racers starting and boats launching. If you are hot seating make plans to hot seat from River Flats Dock to assure you make the race.  Do Not Cross Course – crossing course may lead to disqualification.



If your boat requires 'hot seating' please let the dock master know and have those going into boat ready or the boat will have to be pulled off the dock. Talk to the other crews and let them know you are hot seating for priority docking.



See Traffic pattern.

Boats racing have the right away over all other boats. Any non-racing boat that interferes with a race will be subject to a 30 second penalty or exclusion.

An overtaking boat is considered to be overtaking when it moves to within a boat length of the boats it is approaching. When passing another boat, the overtaking boat has the right of way, but is obliged to make it apparent to the boat ahead on which side is wishes to pass. The boat being overtaken must yield room to the overtaking boat, usually on the outside. However, no overtaking boat should press its right of way to the point of collision. Racing boats, by judgment of the officials, cannot interfere with other racers without a penalty or exclusion.


Note: the Regatta Chair and Head Official reserves the rights to rule on any situations not specifically covered in these rules and assess penalties as appropriate.