Head of the Lagoon - Juniors

  • Hosted By: Redwood Scullers/PACJC
  • 2017 Registered Regatta


LOCATION: 650 Shell Blvd, Foster CIty, CA

From 101: Head east on Hwy. #92. Take Foster City Boulevard exit. Turn left at light onto Metro Center Boulevard. Turn right at lights onto Foster City Boulevard. Turn right at lights onto East Hillsdale Boulevard. Turn left at next light onto Shell Boulevard.

From San Mateo Bridge: Take Foster City Boulevard exit. Turn right at lights and right again onto Foster City Boulevard. Turn right at 2nd lights onto East Hillsdale Boulevard. Turn left at next light onto Shell Boulevard.

Spectator Approved Parking Areas

1065 E. Hillsdale - Bank of America Parking Lot

610 Foster City Blvd. - Foster City City Hall

There is NO parking at the Foster CIty Library as they have their normal weekly schedule of events. Please do not take away a parking spot from a family visiting the library.

For those of you that like to game the system, we have hired Foster CIty Police Officers to help with parking, car control and helping people cross streets in the crosswalks. We are paying them overtime, but they will be glad to write you a ticket for a little more.

PARKING: NO parking will be available at the Community Recreation Center, Tennis Courts or Senior Wing Parking lot (located closest to Leo Ryan Park and closest to the intersection of Hillsdale and Shell Blvds) for participant or spectator vehicles. The unpaved parking lot across the street from the Rec Center on Shell Blvd. is actually under construction. 

For All Spectators/Athletes/Coaches/Tow Trucks: Parking for the weekend is in Spectator Parking Approved Areas only. (please see above for address locations). Tow vehicles ONLY may stay with the trailers in the trailer lot.

Bus Drop-Off: There will be a bus drop off area across the street from the trailer lot on the EAST side of Shell Blvd near the light and crosswalk. Buses are encouraged to drive to the site using Foster City Blvd exit. Turn Left off HWY 92, go down Foster City Blvd, Turn RIGHT on Bounty, then turn right on Shell Blvd and pull over across from the trailer lot for drop off and pick ups. This is for BUSES only.

Athlete Drop off: There will be an athlete drop off area on  the WEST side of Shell Blvd in front of the tennis courts. THis is drop off only, with no parking available. Please drop off and proceed to Spectator Parking. Please see the Parking Map under Venue.

For cartopper boats: There is also a turnaround lot just south of the tennis courts on SHELL BLVD for cartoppers and to unload and park. Only cartoppers will be allowed to park. 

For hospitality wagons & cars: For those towing a Hospitality wagon. Those wagons maybe parked in the Senior Parking Lot. THe tow vehicle must unhook and park in Spectator approved parking. Please park one wagon per spot and tightly. For those people in cars that need to drop off food or water, please use the athlete drop off area on Shell Blvd, in front of the tennis courts just south of the Trailer lot. You will need to drop and go, there is no parking or standing or waiting. If helpers are not available when you arrive, you will still need to drop and go and then park in  Spectator Parking Approved Areas

For Junior/Master trailers arriving on Saturday: Trailers (please call Joe) may come to the regatta site at 3 PM. Please check Twitter @headofthelagoon for any delays. There is NO trailer parking at Dog Park for 2017. The race course opens on Saturday at 3 PM from Regatta HQ only. There is no practicing, launching or parking of trailers at Dog Park. Saturday practice boats must be off the water by 5:30 PM. You must have bow and stern lights on. Boats after 4 PM will not be allowed to launch without lights on. No exceptions. No boats may launch after 4:30 PM. You may set up slings, boats, tents, chairs and tables at Regatta HQ after 3 PM for Sunday racing clubs.  If there is room at 650 Shell Blvd before 3 PM we will let you know via twitter @headofthelagoon .

For All Teams: The Community Recreation Center and Senior Center parking lot will be used as a storage area for boats and trailers only. We are also asking teams to set up their boats in the big, luxurious Leo Ryan Park, located on the north side of the Rec Center. There is grass and an amphitheater for great viewing. Please be courteous. All trailer drivers should coordinate with race officials so we know when to expect you. Please call 650-296-8650 (Joe)

We also need everyone to be nice to each other when unloading. There is a TON of space in the big, green lawn area. The walk is not far. Don't be afraid to use the lawn area. There will be bathrooms in the Main Lot AND in the grassy lawn Ryan Park. There is absolutely no rigging of boats in the parking lots.We must leave some spots open for brave people that will actually be using the Rec Center on Sunday. The main lot is for trailers only. We must also leave all the handicap stalls open for people with handicap placards, even on Sunday. We also must leave a lane around the parking lot open for emergency vehicles. We must also not block the walking paths or whack FC residents in the head while they are walking on the walking path.

You MAY NOT stake tents in any grass area -- there is an under sprinkler system and your stakes might find the main pipe. The grass maybe soggy on Sunday, so we are asking you not to put tarps and what-not on the grass so that we do not ruin thegrass.


The Rec Center, and it's bathrooms opens at 9 AM. We have 8 port-a-lets and a 2 sinks in the Main lot, at 2 bathrooms at Catamaran Park and at  6 bathrooms at Leo Ryan Park until the Rec Center opens. We can not rent an endless supply of toilets. Once the Rec Center opens, everyone forgets about the port-a-lets, so plan accordingly. This does not mean to pee in the bushes, behind a trailer or near the tennis courts. Foster City is home to people !