Hidden River Chase

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association

The venue is the Schuylkill River, Kelly Drive, Philadelphia. For more information on the Schuylkill click HERE.

The Course is as follows:

  • The race starts upriver at the 2K Start line with even bow numbers going through Lane 2 and odd bow numbers going through Lane 3.
  • At the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, everyone should go through the first large arch closest to Kelly Drive (lanes 1, 2 and 3.)
  • At Columbia Bridge, everyone should pass through the second arch (lanes 2, 3 and 4.)
  • At Girard Ave., pass through the large, downriver arch closest to Kelly Drive.
  • The Finish line is at the Viking statue. Do not stop at the finish line. Boathouse Row boats should continue on to their boathouses. Boats returning upriver should paddle for 100 meters and then turn to the West side.

Traffic Patterns:

Launching from the Temple Dock – Travel upriver in Lane Zero to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Stop Rowing. Wait for the marshal to direct the boat to cross to the West side and then continue to the 2K marshaling area. Warm up is in the marshaling area before the Twin Bridges. Do not go past the Twin Bridges.

Recovering at the City Dock – Continue upriver on the West side to the top of Peter’s Island where a marshal will instruct the boat to cross to Lane Zero. Continue in Lane Zero to City Dock.

Launching from Boathouse Row – follow the normal traffic pattern on the West side to the 2K marshaling area.