Wichita Frostbite Regatta

  • Hosted By: Wichita Rowing Association
  • 2017 Registered Regatta


Trailer Parking Notice:

  1. One (1) trailer per team will be allowed to park in the Primary Lot; this trailer will get a parking stall based on a first-come first-served basis (see map)
  2. Additional trailers are allowed without petition submissions (described below); however, they may not be parked in the Primary Lot and must be parked in the Overflow Lot (see map)
  3. If parking for an additional trailer is desired in the Primary Lot, a team may petition for one. Teams must inform the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of their trailer requests by email to wichitafrostbite@yahoo.com by October 20th, 2016. Petitions will NOT be accepted after this date. Trailer petitions will be evaluated after this date and teams will be informed of approval by October 27th, 2016. Approval shall be granted at the discretion of the LOC. The location of the additional trailer will be assigned by the LOC (note: this may mean the additional trailer is not adjacent to the team primary trailer).

Map is subject to change at the discretion of the LOC. Zoom in on the map for more detail. If you would like a copy of the image file, contact the Regatta Chair. Click here for a full image. 


The Frostbite Regatta Race Course is on the Little Arkansas River in Riverside Park, Wichita, Kansas.  The race distance is the Henley distance: 1.7 miles.  The race course start line is just below the 11th Street Bridge, the finsh line is at the Ralph Wulz Tennis Center complex. 

The Frostbite Regatta is staged from the Ralph Wulz Tennis Center, 551 N. Nims, in South Riverside Park, Wichita, Kansas.  Check online or see one of the Regatta Maps.


Regatta Type:

The Wichita Frostbite Regatta is a Head Race and as such is a flying start with shells starting in single file at 10 second intervals.  Contestants race the clock and try to overtake the shell ahead. 


Race Course:

The race start is just south of the 11th Street Bridge and the finish is at the Ralph Wulz Tennis Center.  The race distance is the Henley distance,  1.7 miles.  There are three bridges on the race course and bends and curves along most of the race course. The race course is fully buoyed from start to finish.  Bridge arches for warm up and race lanes are marked by large signs with green arrows.  


Viewing the Races:

You can see finish line from Stackman Blvd, with boats stopping approx 500 yards from the dam.  Additionally, there are streets and/or sidewalks along the entire race course and a good vantage point can be had anywhere along the race course.  The race course is entirely within the Riveside Park.  The bridge closest to the finish line will be closed during the Regatta and is a great place to watch and cheer from.