Sarasota Invitational

  • Hosted By: Sarasota County Rowing Club, Inc/dba Sarasota Masters
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

Updated February 20, 2018

COACHES & COXSWAIN'S MEETING - will be held at 4:30pm on Friday and 7am on Saturday and Sunday in the bleachers.

PRACTICE TIMES:  On Friday, practice times will be 1pm to 5pm.  We need to clear the course for the Middle School races starting at 5:30pm.  On Saturday, the course will be available for practice from 10 minutes after the last race until 6pm.  No practice allowed on the course in the morning on either Saturday or Sunday. Click here to download the visiting team traffic pattern.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: The Middle School Exhibition races will be run on Friday evening about 5:30pm to minimize scheduling issues on Saturday.  If you are a coach who intends to have Middle School entries, please contact the director if you have a problem with Friday evening races.  To run most efficiently, we will use a floating start and race about 1000 meters.  The wave attenuator will be open so the kids will not have to row all the way down to the 2000 meter start to get on the course.

ROWING FOR LIFE COMPETITION: We will be having the Rowing for Life competition on Saturday again this year!   Each boat must be half juniors and half masters, and at least four women. The plan is to go with mixed events for all entries.  If a junior club does not have a masters affiliate, they can have masters from another club of which ever gender is needed.  There are two $1000 prizes for the event.  The two prizes will be awarded to the first two finishers, if just one race; each winner, if two races; or the fastest two finishers if more than two races.  The $1000 goes to the Junior club, so, you Juniors, find some Masters to row with and compete for the prize!

TEAM FOOD TRAILERS:  All team food support trailers must arrive before Friday night to be put into place near your team tent. If you need to arrive at a different time please contact Sarah at 941-224-9395. For the safety of our athletes and spectators, this year Nathan Benderson park will not allow any vehicles on race days in the team tent area(not even for drop off). Please plan accordingly to drop off your food and items for the tent before hand. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to keep Nathan Benderson park a safe and world class venue for all.


DRONES: Due to park regulations, no private drones are allowed at Nathan Benderson Park without their written permission.  Thank you for your cooperation.