Mark Williams Ergatta

  • Jan 20, 2018
  • indoor
  • Boathouse
  • Gainesville, GA (USA)
  • Hosted By Lake Lanier Rowing Club

Rules and Eligibility


  • Online registration open: December 1, 2017 - January 17, 2018
  • Day of event registration open 7:30-8:30 am on Saturday, January 20th on a space available basis. There must be an open erg in the event you want to enter.
  • All rowers must sign a liability waiver either when registering online or when checking in. Juniors (if under 18) must have a parent or guardian signature.

Athlete Check-in

  • Athlete Check-in opens at 7:30 am. All competitors should check in before their first race.

Entry Fees:

  • $20.00 per athlete through January 10, 2018, $25.00 after January 10.
  • Fee includes unlimited racing, typically one 2000 meter race and either a relay or 500 meter event. 
  • There will be no refunds for scratches


  • Event times are approximate and schedule is subject to change. The schedule, as printed on race day, is the best estimate of when an event will begin.
  • It is possible that smaller events will be combined to race at the same time, which may result in later events starting earlier.
  • This is a finals only ergatta.  In events with multiple heats, athletes will be placed in heats according to previous 2000 meter erg times, if they were entered during online registration.  Late registrants will not be seeded.  Awards will be presented to the best times of all competitors in the event, regardless of their heats.


  • Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each event.


  • Age eligibility is determined by rower's age on race day.
  • Junior—Enrolled in high school or middle school
  • Open--Enrolled in college or age 19 or over, and not currently enrolled in high school.
  • Novice—Individuals who have less than 1 year of competitive rowing experience.

Lightweight Weigh-ins:

  • Lightweight rowers must weigh in and have their arm stamped upon making weight.
  • Junior Lightweight—Women--135 lbs or less, Men—155 lbs or less.
  • Open Lightweight--Women--135 lbs or less, Men--165 lbs or less.
  • Weigh-in attire is required. This is limited to a minimum of a unisuit or shorts and a top.
  • Lightweight rowers will be limited to weighing in 2 times before their event.
  • Weigh-ins must be completed 1 hr before the event.
  • If the weight is not met, it is the responsibility of the athlete to change into an event for which he or she is qualified. We will attempt to accommodate any lightweight competitor who fails to make weight.