Empire Sprints

  • Hosted By Newport Sea Base Rowing
  • USRowing Registered

Youth, Masters and Open Competitors

April 15, 2018 Lake Perris, CA

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Entries are now being accepted for participation in the EMPIRE SPRINTS hosted by Orange County Rowing Club (DBA Newport Sea Base Rowing). Lake Perris will be home of the 2028 US Olympics Rowing, Canoe-Kayak Sprints. The Empire Sprints will be held in Lake Perris, CA, on a six lane 2000 M course, non-buoyed or semi-buoyed and the start being stake boats or floating, both will depend on entries. Masters will race 1000 meters.

Eligibility: The Empire Sprints is for Youth, Master and Open competitors.  First, second, and third place, will be presented for each event to the top three finishing crews. Freshmen athletes entered in Freshman events must submit official documentation of Freshman status by April 5, 2018. Acceptable documentation includes copies of student ID cards or a letter from the school administration on school stationery.

Freshman documentation should be copied and scanned then emailed to:rowing@seabaserowing.org Freshman Documentation must be received by April 5, 2018 to assure acceptance into those events.

USRowing Membership: The Empire Sprints is a USRowing event. Each participant is required to be a current member of USRowing. Each participant must also have a signed waiver on file for 2018. Each competing organization is required to be a current organizational member of USRowing.

Waivers: A waiver link will be sent to all clubs participating.

Registration: Please pick up crew packets at the registration tent. You can only pick up your packet if your membership and waiver information is verified, and all fees are paid in full. A coach or team representative may pick up your packet for their team if all team members meet the above criteria and the organization’s membership and regatta fees are paid in full. Packets must be picked up at the same time. Partial groups will not be distributed.


Opens December 15, 2017 @ 11:59 PM PST

Closes March 31, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT


Line-Ups Due April 7, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT

Payment Due April 7, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT

Waiver Due April 7, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT


Opens April 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM PDT

Closes April 7, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT

Late entries received after April 8, 2018, will be admitted on a space availability basis only in the scheduled races. Lineup changes after Midnight April 12th will be assessed a $5 change fee, as we have to enter those changes by hand. Entries submitted without fees paid by April 7, 2018 will not be included in the regatta schedule. PLEASE NOTE: ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE LINEUPS. NO PLACE HOLDER NAMES!



Entry Fees

Late Entry Fees




4+ / 4x



2- / 2x







Scratching Crews: Ten days before racing has begun, teams that scratch from that event will not be reimbursed for a scratched event.

Rules: The regatta will be a USRowing Registered Regatta and will abide by the USRowing Rules of Racing as of April 15, 2018.

Novice Rule: A novice is considered to be a rower or coxswain in their first high school season of rowing. If a rower or coxswain is a member of your high school club or team, a participating member of your program or on a club/team roster in a September through May season they are in their novice year. This includes development programs for high school aged athletes. These rowers and coxswains will no longer be eligible for novice events the following fall season.

Novice athletes shall have had no rowing experience in previous high school seasons. If an athlete races prior to entering their high school year for a high school team they are not eligible for the following fall season as a novice but can race as a freshman. Coxswains who wish to become rowers may race for one season as a novice rower.

Interpretations of the novice rule above: You may row (summer camps, sculling groups, development camps, middle-school teams; whatever a particular club calls it) until you are in high school; it doesn't count towards your novice season. BUT, if you were in high school while participating in the aforementioned rowing activities, that does go towards your novice status and you must go to the varsity team in the Fall. If you are below 9th grade and on a novice (or varsity) team/roster (racing or not) for a season that counts towards your novice year; the next Fall you row with the varsity squad.

Regulations for 2018 from the State Parks:

  • All Crew trailers must be inside the park no later than 8:00 p.m. Saturday, April 14th, 2018.
  • Lake Perris opens at 6am.
  • Official Practice starts no earlier than 11:00 a.m. Saturday, April 14th, 2018. Must be off the water by 5pm Saturday, April 14th, 2018.
  • All crew Trailers must be outside the park by 8pm on Sunday, April 15th, 2018

How to submit Entries and Fees:  The regatta will be utilizing http://www.regattacentral.com . You will be able to submit entries and view entries, access information, and more. Regatta Central also enables automated waiver compliance.

General Information: The regatta will be officiated by USROWING Judge-Referees. Coaches are expected to prepare athletes for participation in a formal regatta conducted by licensed officials. Crews must be able to scull themselves into alignment at the starting line. Races will run on time. Events will not be postponed for hot seating of athletes or equipment.

Please advise of any needed hot seating of boats or athletes so that we may adjust the schedule accordingly to help accommodate each program’s needs. Please consider this information when selecting your entries.       

Equipment Safety: Bow balls and bow numbers are required for any boat preparing to race. These items will not be provided by the regatta organizers. Each Shell must be equipped with quick release footgear or heels attached with strings to allow quick release that are no more than 3” from the footboard. All bow-coxed shells must meet the Rules of Rowing requirements regarding the size of the opening through which the coxswain enters the shell.

Directions: Driving Directions to Lake Perris --The recreation area is located 11 miles south of Riverside via Highway 60 or I-215.

* From the 60 freeway east, exit Moreno Beach Dr.  Go right (R) to Via Del Lago and make a left (L).  Via Del Lago will come straight into the park at the Moreno Valley Entrance.

* From the 215 south, exit Ramona Expressway and go left (L), to Lake Perris Drive (do not confuse with Perris Blvd), make another left (L).  This brings you straight to the Perris Entrance.

* If you are coming from south of the Recreation Area then you will need to come up the 215 north, exit the Ramona Expressway and make a right (R) to Lake Perris Drive (do not confuse with Perris Blvd) and make a left (L).  This brings you to the Perris Entrance.

Lake Perris State Recreation Area
17801 Lake Perris Drive
Perris, Ca 92571

Spectator Parking: The State Park at Lake Perris has imposed a parking fee of $10.00 per day. Please advise your spectators to be prepared to pay to park.

Trucks, Buses, Hospitality: Team trailer and Hospitality, team transportation vans and buses will be charged $50 per day, per vehicle/trailer and will have an assigned parking spot, passes for all the teams will be mailed. Must be purchased by March 31, 2018. Only team cars, trailers, trucks & buses with an event permit will be admitted and allowed into the park.   

Weighing of Competitors: A detailed weigh in schedule will be published no later than two weeks before racing. Competitors shall be weighed in racing uniform without shoes or other footgear. Racing uniform must cover the torso.


Lightweights: Weighing of Competitors: The weight of Youth rowers in lightweight events as describid in Rule 4 -106:

(“Lightweights”), shall be determined once no less than one (1) hour and no more than two (2) hours before the scheduled time of the first race in which the weight is relevant.

  • Crews will be weighed in the order that they sit in the boat (bow to stern).
  • Each Youth rower shall have only one (1) initial opportunity to weigh in. A competitor within one (1.0) pound or less of the weight standard is allowed one (1) re-weigh within the official weigh-in time window. A competitor whose initial weight is greater than one (1.0) pound above the weight standard will be ineligible to compete in the event.
  • Competitors shall be weighed in racing uniform, without shoes or other footgear.

All lightweights will receive a wristband after weigh-ins. Wristbands must be present during racing of lightweight events. Scales will be open on Saturday for unofficial weigh-ins.

Lightweight Men                  Lightweight Women

Max. 150 lbs. (No avg.)      Max. 130 lbs. (No avg.)

Coxswains:  PLEASE NOTE!!!!

Coaches please make sure your coxswains know the events and boats they are weighing in for.

Coxswains must weigh in once. A schedule of the coxswain weigh ins will be posted two weeks before the event.

Men’s Crew                          Women’s Crew

Max. 120 lbs.                        Max. 110 lbs.           

Coaches, Coxswains and Officials Meeting: A meeting will be held on Sunday at 6:30am at the registration tent on April 15th at the race course to review the regatta procedures and the final schedule. All teams should send a representative to the meeting. Entries will not be accepted after the conclusion of the Regatta Meeting.

Volunteers: Each program competing is requested to supply at least 1 volunteer to help the day of racing. They can sign up HERE

Accommodation: Crews and spectators in need of accommodation are encouraged to check the accommodations tab of Regatta Central.

Events: Please review Regatta Central for entries. If you have suggestions or do not see your event listed, please email rowing@seabaserowing.org.

Food Trucks/Vendors: There will be food trucks/vendors at the venue on Sunday. Please tell your parents/athletes to visit them. Please help bring them back by supporting them!

Misc. Information: All other miscellaneous information not found in this packet can be found either on Regatta Central or on our website www.seabaserowing.org/empiresprints

Hotels near Lake Perris – Riverside is also close to Lake Perris:

Hampton Inn - 12611 Memorial Way, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Ph: 951-571-7788


Comfort Inn - 23330 Sunnymead Blvd., Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Ph: 951-242-0699


Aryes Hotel - 12631 Memorial Way, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Ph: 951- 571-4141


Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce - business directory for hotels


Food: Check Yelp and trip advisor for suggestions in Lake Perris and Riverside.