Battle of the Bridges

  • Hosted By Sarasota Scullers
  • USRowing Registered

The Battle of the Bridges Local Organizing Committee takes the safety of our event very seriously.  We are closely monitoring the Red Tide situation. Below is information regarding Red Tide.  As we prepare to host an amazing event, we are partnering with local authorities to provide the safest event possible. Please continue to monitor Regatta Central for event updates.


Conditions as of August 13, 2018

Currently all beaches in Sarasota County remain open. This summer 900 kids participated in summer beach runs including this past week’s final run. Sarasota County Schools continues to hold athletic practices at all schools including those located on the waterway of the regatta’s path.


About Red Tide 

Florida red tide is a higher-than-normal concentration of a naturally occurring, microscopic algae called Karenia brevis, often abbreviated as  K. brevis. It produces brevetoxins — powerful and potent neurotoxins — that can kill marine animals and be harmful to humans.  Red tides form many miles offshore, sometimes causing no impact to humans. However, when red tides travel inshore on wind and water currents, they can cause respiratory irritation among beachgoers, especially those who have underlying lung diseases.  - Mote Marine Laboratory . One of the most frequent symptoms people experience during a Karenia brevis red tide is respiratory irritation. If you have ever visited a beach during a red tide, you may have experienced the "red tide tickle" which can include itchy throat and coughing. Brevetoxins, chemicals produced by Florida red tide, may also irritate pre-existing respiratory conditions including asthma. Persons with asthma are advised to bring their inhaler to the beach during a red tide or avoid the area until conditions improve. - Florida Department of Health. For more facts visit: