• Hosted By: USRowing College
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

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Coxswains of ALL MEN’S CREWS, participating in the 2018 NIRC are required to weigh a minimum of 120 pounds.  Coxswains for ALL WOMEN’S CREWS are required to weigh a minimum of 110 pounds.  Those coxswains whose body weight, while wearing racing uniform, is less than the required standard, will be required to carry external weight in order to achieve the minimum standard during the course of their race.

Weigh-in for coxswains will take place beginning at 12:00 PM Thursday, May 10 at the Lake Quinsigamond State Park at an area designated by regatta officials. The weigh-in station will close at 3:00 PM Thursday afternoon, and will reopen at 6:30 AM on Friday, closing at 9:30 AM

Coxswains who did not race at NERC the previous weekend must check in with Regatta Chief Official, Roxanne Everetts, before going out on the water to practice.  Failure to complete this task will result in assessment of a warning on your program and possible exclusion from the regatta.  It is extremely important that coxswains understand the traffic pattern fully before launching. 


Inclusion events are those where 50 percent of the crew has an eligible impairment and the other 50 percent do not.  

An athlete is eligible to compete as an athlete with a disability in the NIRC if:
a) he or she has a permanent, verifiable, and documented disability that limits one or major major life activities; or
b) has a US Sport or higher Classification for a physical or visual disability; or
c) has an INSA classification for a intellectual or cognitive impairment

For more information and a list of eligible impairments, please visit www/  For other questions or for race day support, please contact