Illinois Junior Rowing Invitational

  • Hosted By: Illinois Rowing Association
  • 2018 Registered Regatta

Rules and Eligibility

State: There are no state requirements, programs outside of Illinois may compete. The Illinois Rowing Championship Trophy is however between in-state programs.

Varsity 8/4+: Open to All Athletes. Varsity or Novice. One Entry per Club

Junior Varsity 8/4+: May not include any athletes from the Varsity 8+ (coxswains excluded). Must Have Entry in V8+ to enter, unless entering as a Maiden Race (Club within first two years of Operation/Restart).

Novice: Open to Novice Athletes in their first year of rowing competitions (coxswains excluded).

Freshman 8+: Open to athletes in their freshman year of high school (coxswains excluded).

Hot Seating: Hot seating is strongly discouraged. Any crews not present at the start line 5 minutes before the start of their event will be excluded from competition. 

With the exception of the varsity 8/4+ events, all events are limited to two entires per program. Additional entries may be accepted on a first-come basis if there is space in the event without expanding the number of necessary heats. If you would like to enter more than two crews in any event, please place them on the waitlist. Waitlisted entries will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis as long as there is space in the event without expanding the number of required heats.

Coxswain (Male Crew): 120lbs min w/ ballast 
Coxswain (Female Crew): 110lbs min w/ ballast
This is our first year running this event. We are starting things off with a wide range of event offerings to suit the diverse programs in our region. In order to promote the best possible racing and a timely schedule, some events in the same boat classes may be combined if there are too few entries. If this does occur, medals will be awarded based on overall placement among the crews registered for each individual event.