Tampa Mayors Cup

  • Hosted By: The Stewards Foundation, Inc.

Event Descriptions:

  • Lightweight - There will not be a boat weight averaging requirement for lightweights of either gender. Men - 160, Women 130.
  • Teams cannot enter a Youth JV 8+ without entering a Youth Varsity 8+.
  • Teams cannot enter a Youth JV 4+ without entering a Youth Varsity 4+. 
  • Novice Youth – Novice events are limited to rowers and coxswains who have been competing for less than 1 year as of March 16th, 2019
  • Multiple Entries are allowed in all events. 
  • Mixed Events – Boats must have a minimum of 50% women, however the crew can be composed of as much as 100% women if you prefer.
  • Middle School – These races will be 1000 meters
  • Master E ents - will be 1000 meters



WAIVERS – Must complete the online NOARA waiver.  Please see the “Waiver” tab to the right for details. 

Low Entry Events – Any event with only one entry will be eliminated.  Notice will be given upon the closure of registration.  Optional exhibition entry in a similar event will be offered. 

Launch and Recovery dock -

The dock master shall control all launching and recovery of shells. Please be patient and courteous of other crews during this process. ***Maximum of 45 minutes between races, in order to Hot Seat...


Hot Seating -

Priority will be given to launching crews with the exception of hot seating either for equipment or personnel.

First Call -

First call for each event is 35 minutes prior to the official start time of the race. The second and final call will be 25 minutes before start.