Erg Rodeo

  • Hosted By: Texas Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
Erg Rodeo:

Erg Rodeo began in 2005 as a small event hosted in the Texas Crew boathouse in downtown Austin, and drew participants from many parts of Texas.

The event was large enough to warrant a change of venue the following year, with the Second Annual Erg Rodeo being held in Gregory Gymnasium on the University of Texas campus. With over 300 participants, including many interstate guests, Erg Rodeo 2006 was a remarkable success for an event still in its infancy.

Erg Rodeo 2007 was again held in Gregory Gymnasium, and drew an even larger crowd than the previous years.

We're building on that tradition with Erg Rodeo 2008, bringing more competitors from further away, and hosting an even more successful event. We hope to see you there!

The Buckle:

In the planning for the First Annual Erg Rodeo, much debate surrounded what prizes should be awarded for division winners. It was understood that a suitably Texas themed award was necessary.

In keeping with the rough, rodeo spirit of our club and the event, only a belt buckle would be appropriate. 

Engraved buckles are awarded to winners in the major event categories, and the handsome prizes can be worn with pride for years to come.