2018 ROWONTARIO Championships

  • Jul 28, 2018 To Jul 29, 2018
  • sprint

  • London, ON (CAN)
  • Hosted By ROWONTARIO
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO

OFFICIAL RESULTS (time trials)

OFFICIAL RESULTS (all other events)

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic 50th ROWONTARIO Championships regatta!  By all accounts, the racing was competitive and meaningful, which also hopefully means it was fun for both athletes and spectators!  We appreciate everyone's understanding as we adjusted to our new venue and dealt with a major weather event, and we certainly learned a lot to make next year and beyond even better!  We are always open to feedback and will be asking for that feedback in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for that and provide your suggestions and comments if you have them. 

On behalf of the ROWONTARIO staff, I would like to thank the London Rowing Society local organizing committee and all of our umpires and volunteers for their effort.  This was definitely a team effort, and we are excited for next year.  See you in 2019!  


  • Women 5:35am - 7:05am
  • Men 6:55am - 8:25am
  • Coxswains 8:36 - 10:06

PLEASE be on time.


NOTE: For unknown reasons, Event 57 Heat 1 is not on the draw.  The lane draw is: 

  • Lane 2 - Ottawa (Gordon)
  • Lane 3 - UWO Boat Club (Stevenson)
  • Lane 4 - Ottawa (Howard)
  • Lane 5 - Don RC (Sati)

And, also for unknown reasons, I can't seem to print the TT draw for the U19M2x.  It is the same as what is posted except for a name change for SNRC Bow #12.  It's in our system and on the official draw, I just can't seem to create the .pdf right now. Thanks for your understanding. 


A photo of your ID on your phone WILL be accepted.  It MUST meet the ID requirements, though (photo + D.O.B).  If you do not have that, you still need two pieces of ID that combine to give us your photo and your DOB.  I don't need to copy and verify with a signature; just take both pieces with you to weigh ins/control commission.  Thank you for your understanding with that, too. 




Note: As heats are raced and progressions are finalized, lane draws for this afternoon's finals will be posted on the results boards at the boathouse and tower, as well as online at Regatta Master.  For finals only, you can follow live /500m split tracking on Regatta Master under "Races in Progress". 

Parking Map - Updated July 27th 

  • At the request of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority the spectator parking has been moved from the original location to a little bit further past the dam (near the Pioneer Village) but there will be a shuttle bus doing loops every 20 minutes.  Thank you!

Updated July 25th

Preliminary Race Draw - All Time Trials (W 1x, M 1x, U19 M 2x)

Preliminary Race Draw - All Other Events

Note - we had to split it this way to get the draw into the format we are used to / something the officials could make sense of. 

I encourage all club officials, athletes and coaches to review the draw and check their entries.  All name change, scratch and late entry fees will apply if changes need to be made at the regatta office.  I can make those changes ahead of printing and waive the fees if a mistake has been made and I know about it sooner rather than later!  Thank you! 

Bulletin #1 (July 23rd)

Bulletin #2 (July 25th - info about coxswain weighins added at 4:05pm)

Updated July 20th

CLUB LIST for the REGIONAL 4x EVENTS (click to open .pdf)

Regions are based on our Remote Coach Network program, however participants do not need to be part of the RCN to participate in this event.  It is meant to a be a fun opportunity to connect with other rowers in your region and put together the fastest, most fun crew possible. 

IMPORTANT: A note re: para entries.  I changed the Para 2x and 4+ entries to allow composite entries to hopefully accommodate more entries. 

As well, though the Para 1x events reflect the boat classes listed in the 2018 RCA Rules of Racing, it has been brought to my attention that there is no PR3 1x category, but there is interest in that category. 

We are happy to accommodate any para entry, PR1, PR2 or PR3 in the 1x events.  If we need to combine the events we will determine a way to stagger the start or otherwise create a situation for fair, fun and competitive racing (and award medals separately in each category).

As well, we are happy to work with coaches and athletes on any accommodation that needs to be required for para athletes -- or for any category, really.  Please email andrea@rowontario.ca and we can discuss!

Notice: ROWONTARIO takes photographs and videos at regattas for internal use and promotional purposes in print and electronic format.  If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Ereka Roach at ereka@rowontario.ca or 416-759-8405. 


  • As per the regatta package: "All international athletes must submit a signed waiver to the Regatta Office (in person or via email) by 6:30pm on Friday July 27th"


If you missed the June 30th WRS deadline, please register ASAP and email andrea@rowontario.ca to inform of late registration.  Your regatta entry will still be accepted, but this step will avoid any potential issues. 

Also, please note - we have become aware there is an issue with RegattaCentral's Compliance reporting.  If you attempt to register an athlete or coach who is listed as "non-compliant", but you know they are registered and active in WRS, please continue with your registration and ignore the warning.  ROWONTARIO has other procedures in place to confirm this information.  If you have any difficulty registering an athlete or coach whom you know is registered and active in WRS, please email ereka@rowontario.ca and she will assist.  


Please review the Regatta Package for important information related to:

  • Coaches Meeting
  • Lightweight & Coxswain Weigh-Ins
  • Course Practice Times
  • Regatta Office Hours
  • Eligibility
  • Progression Format & Medals
  • Entry Deadlines & Payment Terms
  • Entry Fees
  • Late Entries & Late Entry Fees
  • Substitutions & Scratches
  • RCA Rules of Racing Exceptions
  • Trillium Chase Details

NEW IN 2018!

  • Revised order of events
  • Entry-based progression format
  • ALL non-para 1x events run in NRC format (Time Trial to Seeded Finals with medals awarded in each category)
  • New events added: U23 Men's and Women's Eights; SR Lightweight Eights; OPEN Mixed Double; OPEN Regional Men's and Women's Quads
  • Events consolidated to increase meaningful competition and support the RCA Athlete Development Pathway
  • Creation of new annual review task force

The ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta is Challenge #4 of the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series.  The Trillium Chase is a monthly 1x Challenge Series – a single sculler’s ‘Grand Prix’ – organized by ROWONTARIO. Each month, single scullers of all ages will have the opportunity to earn points toward the ROWONTARIO Trillium Cup, which will be co-awarded to the male and female sculler, regardless of category, who wins the most points throughout the series. 

Please review the complete ROWONTARIO Trillium Chase information package online (https://www.rowontario.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018-TRILLIUM-CHASE.pdf) for detailed information about the Series.

Athletes will be awarded points toward the ROWONTARIO Trillium Cup based on their age or para category, not the category they race in.  Points will be awarded based on the results of an athlete’s time trial and applied to the appropriate Trillium Chase category, using the birth date entered at time of registration. All competing athletes who compete in a 1x event will be awarded points.