Wooden Boat Classic Regatta

  • Jul 21, 2018
  • open water
  • San Francisco Bay
  • San Francisco, CA (USA)
  • Hosted By: South End Rowing Club

The Wooden Boat Classic brings together a very special crowd from all parts of the rowing community.  Competitive rowers, boat builders, historians... anyone who has found themselves enraptured by wooden boats.

We welcome human powered craft made of wood. Sliding seat boats that resemble our beautiful fleet, fixed seat row boats, whale boats, etc.  We also welcome shells... as long as they bring a #2 pencil for every oar that they have in the boat.  

Long Course: Bay Bridge and Back to Aquatic Park

Short Course: Pier 39 and Back to Aquatic Park

The courses does cross active shipping lanes and this is an open water course in the San Francisco Bay.  There could be strong currents or wind.  We will adjust accordingly and will discuss any new details (should there be any) at the briefing prior to the regatta start.