Head of the Headless Oarsman

  • Oct 20, 2018
  • head
  • Des Plaines River
  • Lemont, IL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Hinsdale Community Rowing

Liability Waiver –
Every competitor must have completed and signed a 2018 USRowing Waiver. No rower can launch or compete without a signed waiver. 

Check-In –
Competitors must check in the morning of the regatta at the registration table between 8:00-8:30am. *Pre-ordered event t-shirts can be picked up at the Ride Backwards Rowing tent.

Bow Markers
Bow markers will be provided to all crews at check-in. Bow markers must be returned at the conclusion of racing and will be collected at the dock. No rower can launch or compete without a bow number.

Coaches/Coxswains Meeting –
The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Changes to the regatta schedule or course will be announced at the meeting.

Equipment Adjustments
All equipment adjustments must be made in the boat area prior to launching. No adjustments will be permitted at or on the dock.

Safety Equipment
Every competing boat must be properly equipped with a bow ball and quick-release shoes with heels properly tied down.

Handicaps for masters events are figured on the age of the rower (single) or average age of the crew (double/quad) using standard USRowing handicap formulas. 

Pre Race Practice
The river will not be open for pre-race practicing.

Race Launching
There will be three launch times in the order list below. There are multiple events in each launch. Events are separate and will be awarded separately, but they will be timed during the same launch and recovery sequence. 

9:00 am Launch – Singles: men, women
12:00 pm Launch – Quads: mixed
1:30 pm Launch – Quad: women, Doubles: men, mixed, women

NOTE: To allow rowers to participate in multiple events, each event will recover before the next group is launched. **Times between races may be shortened on race day.

Schedule of Events
8:00 am    Check-in
8:30 am    Coaches Coxswains meeting
10:00 am    Men1x, Women 1x
12:30 pm     Mixed 4x
2:00 pm     Women 4x, Men 2x, Mixed 2x, Women 2x

Crews will launch in order of bow numbers. Oars can be leaned against the chain-link fence near the dock. Volunteers will be available to help carry oars and safely bring singles down the stairs and ramp to the dock.

Proceeding to the Start Line
Boats will launch pointed upriver. Once clear of the dock, boats will spin and proceed down river directly to the start (approximately 4k downstream) using the port side OR center opening under the bridge (see map below). Only one boat at a time will fit through each opening.

Crews should proceed past the start line before turning and getting in bow number order for their race. A start area marshal will assist in arranging crews and directing them to the start.

At the start of the race, crews will be directed to approach the start by the start marshal. This will be a running start. When a crew’s bow ball crosses the start line, the starter will alert the crew that the clock has started. 

The race is 4,000 meters long, upstream against the current. Traffic will be one way during the race.

Racing Rules –

  1. During the race, row through the starboard side OR center opening of the bridge (see map below). Only one boat at a time will fit through each opening.

  2. Use careful judgment when passing any boat throughout the race.  The course has ample width to avoid collisions and tight passing scenarios.
  3. No one should try to pass a boat if doing so would endanger the overtaking boat or the boat being overtaken.
  4. A boat being overtaken must give way to the outside of any curve or to the side requested by the overtaking boat (when requested to do so by the overtaking boat) when the overtaking boat advances to within one (1) length of open water of the boat being overtaken. An overtaking boat that has moved this close has earned the right to unimpeded passage on the fastest line of the course.

Crossing the Finish Line –
A horn will sound as each boat crosses the finish line. After crossing, each boat should continue paddling clear of the finish line before turning and returning to the dock.