Summertime Sprints

  • Jul 20, 2019
  • sprint
  • Village of Fox Crossing, WI (USA)
  • Hosted By: La Baie Verte Rowing Club, Inc.
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

Summertime Sprints Regatta

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VENUE: The six lane 1,000 meter race course is located on Little Lake Butte Des Morts in the Village of Fox Crossing and Neenah, Wisconsin.  The regatta venue itself, including registration, launch & recover docks, trailer parking, and boat drop off will be at Friste Park located at 937 N Lake Street, Fox Crossing, Wisconsin 54956.


BOW NUMBERS: Crews are asked to provide their own bow numbers.  A limited number of bow markers will be available for use from the regatta coordinator and will require a $20.00 deposit that will be returned when the bow markers are returned to the registration desk.


ENTRIES: Entries can be submitted on Regatta Central.  Entries for each club must include number of boats in each event, stroke name and, if submitting more than one entry in an event, boat ranking (A,B,C etc.).  Accurate boat rankings will allow us to seed flights in order to allow for more competitive racing.  Competitors are responsible for allowing sufficient time to race in one event, land, re-queue, and launch in time for an additional event.  Masters competitors must submit date(s) of birth for all competitors during the entry process. Crews with missing or incomplete date of birth information will be assigned an average crew age of 27 and a 0.0 handicap.  

The Summertime Sprints Regatta is a US Rowing registered regatta and requires US Rowing organizational membership prior to arriving on site to participate.  US Rowing Membership can be purchased on-line at

Waivers:  All competitors in the regatta, including coxswains, must sign a waiver: either a US Rowing waiver online or a printed copy of the US Rowing waiver form.  Competitors under the age of 18 must have the waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian.


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The tentative schedule and times for all final events are subject to change; actual order of events will be published on under the events tab after registration closes.

Schedule Changes:  Please be aware that the schedule may change, depending on the number of entries.  The regatta committee reserves the right to combine or cancel events based on the number of entries received.  The committee also reserves the right to delay or advance the starting times of any event.


HEATS & FLIGHTS: All races are finals only, there will be no heats.  If there are more than 6 entries per event, the race will be divided into flights and the overall event winners will be determined by best/fastest times from the flights.  Events with a limited number of entries may be combined with other similar events.


LAUNCHING & STARTING: The regatta will be run based on the start times listed in the final schedule that will be included in the race-entry packet.  Allow time for regatta officials to inspect shells upon the approach to the launch dock.  Crews should be done with warm up and at the marshalling location 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the event in which they are entered.  Once the boats in the race before clear the breakage area the next race will be called to enter the course and back into their stake-boat.  Crews should be locked onto the stake-boats 2 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. 

  • Launch Dock:  Approaches to and from the launching docks must be kept clear.  All equipment adjustments should be made prior to launching.  Adjustments will not be permitted at or on the docks.  Crews should spend no more than 2 minutes on the docks. 


HOT SEATING: Hot-seating of athletes and/or boats is generally discouraged. The Regatta Committee accepts no responsibility for missed start times and will issue no refunds on that basis.


SCRATCHES: Entries may be scratched without penalty until the entry deadline.  After the entry deadline, no refunds will be given for entries that are scratched.   All intentional race day scratches should be reported at least one (1) hour prior to an event’s start time. 


COURSE: The course is 6 lanes wide, 1,000 meters long, raced with the current.  The start will be on the south end and the finish on the north end.  The first 100 meters will have red buoys designating the breakage zone.  There will also be different colored buoys at the 250 m, 500 m, and 750 m locations.  The last 250 m are red buoys.  The lanes will be numbered from left to right | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | looking down the course.  Lane 1 is on the west side and lane 6 is on the east side.


TRAFFUC PATTERNS: Please see course map for specific traffic-related information.  Observe a right-hand rule when in the warm up area.  Do not enter or cross the race course buoy line.  Please use caution when passing near the high power towers.  Do not enter or cross into the area between the concrete crib and the power line towers.


COACHES AND COXSWAINS MEETING: The Coaches and Coxswains meeting will be held in front of the registration desk at 7:00 am race day morning.  All coaches, coxswains, single scullers, and bow seat of blind boats should plan to attend the meeting.  Course information, traffic flow patterns, schedule adjustments, and safety information will be discussed at this time.  All crews will be held responsible for the information delivered at this meeting.


SAFETY: All shells must be equipped with a bow ball.  Each set of shoes within the shell must be equipped with properly-secured heel tie-downs.  Allow time for regatta officials to inspect shells upon the approach to the dock.


WEATHER POLICY: In the event the regatta course/site becomes unfit or unsafe in the opinion of race management due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events, the regatta will be cancelled.  No refunds will be given.


RESULTS: Results will be posted as they become official at the registration desk.  Results will be unofficial until such time as the reports of the referees have been received and penalties assessed.  After the race, official results will be available on Regatta Central.


AWARDS: Medals will be awarded as results are finalized.  Medals may be picked up at the registration desk and results will be posted near the registration desk.  Note that medals will not be mailed to winners without prior arrangement. This is a “need to beat” regatta:

  • Gold Medal(s) given for one or more entries
  • Silver Medal(s) awarded for 3 or more entries
  • Bronze Medal(s) awarded for 4 or more entries


VENUE RULES: GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY: We are guests at Friste Park and visiting crews should be respectful of the park grounds. 


REGATTA PARKING: Follow the directions of the regatta parking staff and signs.  There are designated parking spots at the regatta site.  All access to the park itself is reserved for officials, car topping, and towing vehicles.  If all of the parking fills up near the venue there is an overflow parking lot for competitors, spectators, & visitors at the Kimberly Clark parking lot, approximately 1,000 meters south of the regatta venue at KC North Lot, 401 N Lake Street, Neenah, WI 54956.


TRAILER PARKING:  Trailer parking and parking for car topped boats will occur in the designated areas as directed by regatta parking staff.  Enter the park from N. Lake Road and watch for parking attendants and follow their directions/signage.  Boats may need to be dropped off and the trailer moved to a separate location.


SECURITY: There will be increased security patrols of the park the night before the regatta.  Even so, we cannot guarantee the safety of any items left in the park... exercise caution and common sense!  No public overnight camping is allowed at the regatta venue.


SPECTATORS: There are limited spectator viewing areas near the finish line along the waterfront of Friste Park.  The friendship trail trestle bridge provides the best viewing platform looking down all six lanes of the race course.  Although Kimberly-Clark has allowed us to use their parking lots for regatta overflow parking, other access to the property is restricted.  There is absolutely no spectator viewing from the waterfront along the Kimberly-Clark property.


DIRECTIONS TO THE VENUE: From Interstate Highway 41 take Exit 133 for Winchester Road.  Turn East on Winchester Road and follow this to the T-intersection with North Lake Street.  Turn LEFT (north) on N. Lake Street.  As the road curves take a RIGHT turn to stay on N. Lake Street.  Friste Park will be the first driveway on the right.

Google Maps Search Name: “Fritse Park Fox Crossing”

GPS Address: 937 N Lake St, Neenah, WI 54956


LODGING: EAA (Experimental Air Adventure) will be held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin beginning Monday after the regatta so hotel accommodations in the area may fill quickly so it is a good idea to make hotel reservations early.