Northeast Erg Sprints

  • Hosted By: Greater Lawrence Rowing

**we will welcome day-of walkin registration**


NES19 - Rules and Procedures

Rules of Racing

•   Racers may set the drag factor (fan) BEFORE racing begins. Settings must not be changed during the race.

•   Team events designated, as “Mixed” must be mixed gender and at least 50% female.

•   All races begin the same way as described in the race packet. “Sit Ready”, “Attention”, “ROW”.

•   Only (1) race coxswain permitted and must accompany the racer from the marshaling area.

Rules of Racing for Team Relays  - 4 x 500m

•   Relays consist of 4 x 500m pieces totaling 2000m, each competitor on a team rows only one piece.

•   Each rower must pull up to but not past their 500 meters mark.

•   Exchanges: Lead rower begins seated on the erg. Each rower must complete their piece, secure the handle and dismount completely unassisted. The next rower may be assisted with strap-in but not held in.

•   Relay teams must be prepared to pull their race using only the space defined by 1 erg. Enter Right leave left.

•   No touching the active rower during their piece (no feet holding). No interfering with neighbor teams.

Rules of Racing for Doubles and Quads  - 1000m

•   Team doubles and quads consist of 2 or 4 ergs respectively, to form a “boat”. The race computer combines the designated ergs together for a single score.

•   Team rowing is simultaneous. That is to say all ergs of the boat are rowed at the same time.

General Information

•   Rowers and coxswains will be called to the marshaling area in time for orientation before each race.

•   Competition ergs are numbered and will be marked where the drag factor is equal to 110.

•   NES volunteers record times manually as backup to computer records. All competitors (and their coxswains) must check in at their assigned erg with an Athlete Registration Card (ARC) to confirm heat and erg assignment. After the race ARCs will be updated with time rowed, initialed by competitor and collected.

•   The competition format is “finals only.” Competitors will be seeded/seated based upon submitted erg scores. The best overall time will win each event class. First place medals will be awarded.

•   Only water bottles are allowed in the competition area. No food.

•   Racing in multiple events is encouraged.

•   Any event rowed by an athlete must be to the finish, for its result to stand.



•   Registering for an event is an agreement to abide by the Race Committee’s decisions, as final.

•   Qualification times are not required. The event is open to all competitors regardless of experience & skill.

•   Rowers must compete under their own names. There are no race entry substitutions. Each athlete must have a signed waiver.

•   All competitors row on Concept2 Model D Ergometers with PM 5 monitors.

•   Decorous behavior and good sportsmanship is expected.

•   All competitors must wear attire that covers their torso and shorts while on the event floor. Uni-suits and bodysuits are allowed.

•   Competitors should yield warm-up ergs to those in the next race.

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