Collegiate Covered Bridge Regatta

  • Apr 6, 2019
  • sprint
  • Eugene, OR (USA)
  • Hosted By: Oregon Association of Rowers
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

2018 Rules of Rowing will apply, however, the following rules will not be enforced:

                Minimum Weight of Boats;

                Oar Colors;

                Weighing of Coxswains and Weighing of Competitors: Rules pertaining to coxswain weight limits and weigh-ins will not be enforced. We ask that you honor these limits.


Depending on the number of entries, all (or most) events will be rowed twice -  once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We will attempt to make competitive races against differing crews for morning/afternoon events or heats/finals given sufficient entries.

Questions or special requests relating to entries should be directed to

Entries should be identified by skill/speed as 'A' club's best entry,'B' club's second best entry and so on.