Lake Las Vegas Collegiate Invitational

  • Mar 2, 2019 To Mar 3, 2019
  • sprint
  • Lake Las Vegas
  • Henderson, NV (USA)
  • Hosted By: Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club
  • 2019 Registered Regatta

Hi Coaches, 


Thanks again for supporting our regatta this year. We have grown a little bit and look towards more growth next year.


We are getting a little more press this year, but still no corporate sponsors. 


US Rowing Officials

This Regatta is fully registered regatta with USRowing. 

We have hired two US Rowing officials (Patti Wyatt as chief and Matt Brady as asst.) and the president of the LLVRC, Seth Ahlborn, now an official...will be the third. 


Boat Storage and Parking

Trailers will be able to park on the dirt lot next to the Season's Parking lot and also along the front of the lake by the race course. Please have your trailer drivers contact me (415-309-9421) and give me ETA's. The Season's grocery parking lot right by the dock will be closed off for Shell Storage on the dirt part only. The paved area must be left open for emergency vehicles.  Parking for all coaches, athletes, support staff and spectators will be on top of the hill overlooking the race course. NO ONE is to park in the lower paved lot. We have to leave that for Season's grocery patrons and Viera Condo guests.


Schedule of Events

The schedule and all information is up on Please take a look and get back to me with thoughts on event order and start times. We can do a lane draw on Friday. We are going to 20 minute centers to give more time to pick up coaches and to make sure lane 3 is clear for some of the men's races.  

Please use this to register you teams. I have made lineups optional as I know this is an early race, but I would love them for publicity. Entry fees have been dropped to $500 per team to help cover the referees and buoy line...but....we are giving you a........



Friday Night FREE Dinner for Athletes and Coaches

The Lake Las Vegas Family would like to host all the teams for FREE Dinner on Friday Night (6pm to 8pm) at the Reflection Bay Golf Course (located on 75 Montelago Blvd between the Hilton and the Weston). This will be a pasta, lasagna, bread, salad, drinks, and dessert dinner with plenty of food for all your hungry athletes. Please reply back with numbers of athletes and coaches attending.


Season's Grocery Specials





Season's grocery is taking pre-orders for the lunch specials now through February 28th. Call them at (702) 898-0145 or email them at [email protected] with your order. Group pricing may be available. Please visit for our regular menus and more information about Seasons Grocery. 


Coaches Meeting

Friday afternoon 4:00 pm at the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Boathouse. We will finalize the race order, schedule and do the Lane Draw.


Coach and Coxswain Meeting 
Saturday morning at 6:45 am at the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Boathouse. We will go over the schedule, course map and 

I hate to ask, but I need to have $ 500.00 per team this year to cover costs. Please let me know if this is possible.


Bow Ball and Footboard inspection

The referees will go around on Friday afternoon and inspect all your boats for safety compliance.


Practice and Launch use

Practice on the course is permitted on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (30 minutes after the end of racing) and Sunday (between 6 and 8 am and again 30 minutes after the last race). I will only have two launches available all weekend. Please reply back with your practice schedules and I will do the best to accommodate your coaches.


Traffic Pattern

We use a Clockwise pattern on the lake during practice and racing. Once you leave the dock (bow first) please check for incoming traffic and then immediately cross over to the North side of the Lake. There is a "pinch point" located at 250 meters to go on the race course. Do not go up the course if there are any boats on the course in the last 700 meters. Once clear, proceed up and stay on the left as you go up to the starting line.  There will be two red buoys in a warm up area if you choose to use it. Be safe as you turn around the buoys and watch for other crews.


After your race you may proceed towards the Hilton Bridge to cool down and make a right turn to come back and watch for the next race coming down. We only have one dock that holds 1 eight on each side. If it gets busy use the west side (next to larger dock) for launching and the east side (next to the rock wall) for returning. On race day we will have dockmasters to guide you.


Course map

I have heard that coaches would rather have the 2 buoy lines around Lane 2 and not Henley Style as we have in the past. That is totally fine.


Weigh ins

There will be no weigh ins for coxswains at this regatta.


MARDI GRAS Celebration Saturday. We would love to have some teams participate in the Golf Cart parade, and we will supply you with a golf cart to decorate. Just let me know.



Jim Andersen

Executive Director/Head Coach

Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club

PO Box 92107, Henderson, NV 89009

415-309-9421 cell