USRowing West Coast Scholastic Championship

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2019 Owned Regatta

Qualifying Instructions for the SRAA National Championships:

  • The West Coast Scholastic Championships will be allotted one (1) slot for boys & girls in each of the following events:

Varsity 8+

Second Varsity 8+

Junior 8+

Lightweight 8+

Freshman 8+

Varsity 4+


Junior 4+

Lightweight 4+


Varsity 4x


Junior 4x

Lightweight 4x

Freshman 4x

Varsity 2x


Junior 2x

Lightweight 2x


Varsity 1x



  • Second Varsity boats will only be allowed if the Varsity 8 Qualifies and registers. Your second boat must qualify as well. Any slot that is not claimed by the first place boat in each event will revert back to the SRAA open slot pool.

  • Junior events are restricted to competitors in the 11th grade (Junior year) or lower.

  • Juniors, including coxswains, must not have attained the age of 18 years prior to September 1st of that academic year.

  • 12th grade (Senior) students shall not compete in junior events.


​SRAA National Championships Athletic Eligibility Limitation

  1. Eligibility is assigned to students in their freshman through senior year (grades 9 through 12).

  2. Each athlete has four consecutive years (eight consecutive semesters) of eligibility beginning in September of their freshman year (9th grade).

  3. A rower or coxswain cannot have reached his or her 19th birthday prior to September 1st of that academic year.

  4. After eight consecutive semesters, a student will have completed his/her athletic eligibility and may no longer participate in the SRAA® Regatta.

  5. The eight consecutive semester rule begins with the student’s initial enrollment in the 9th grade.

  6. Post Graduates or (Canadian/US) fifth year students are not permitted.

  7. Lightweight rowers must have submitted online the lightweight documentation to be eligible to compete.