Red Island Regatta

  • Aug 24, 2019
  • sprint/coastal
  • Brudenell, PE (CAN)
  • Hosted By: Rowing PEI
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing PEI (2019)


52. Please advise the organizing committee of your trailer size (overall length), number and types of boats and approximate time of arrival at the regatta site by August 17th, 2019.  Email this information to the regatta chair: or


53. Vehicles with boat trailers arriving at the regatta site are to check into the regatta control in the activity centre and then unload their boats at their designated site. Sites will be clearly marked on a site map depicting the trailer parking and the boat area to the west of the activity centre and the parking lot.

54. It is anticipated that the trailers once parked will not need to be moved and will be covered by overnight security provided by the Provincial Parks.

55. A Red Island Regatta map for the courses and the regatta control is attached.

56. More details and diagrams will be posted on the Rowing PEI website.



57. Cars may be parked in one of three parking lots. These parking lots are associated with the Provincial Park and the Rodd Brudenell Resort.  

  • The first is located at the resort for rowers staying as a resort guest and is located close to the main building and is a 5-minute walk to the regatta control and boat storage.  

  • The second parking lot is associated with the Dundarave Golf Course and is part of the resort parking.

  • The third parking area is associated with the Provincial Campground and will be reserved for officials and rowers who are not staying at the resort. These parking spots are limited and are located north of the multi-purpose building where Regatta Control is located.

  • Parking on the roads is not permitted to leave room for emergency vehicles whether Fire or EMS.



58. The public boat launch for safety boats and umpire launches assisting in the running of the regatta will be provided by the organizing committee on request (

Rowers and regatta officials arriving by water will need to notify the regatta organizing committee by August 16th, 2019 to obtain approval from the use of the Brudenell marina on the day of the regatta.

59. Safety Boats and Umpire Launches will be able to tie up to the outside of the Brudenell Marina co-located with the resort.