Poughkeepsie Regatta

  • Sep 22, 2019
  • head

  • Poughkeepsie, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By Hudson River Rowing Association, Inc.

Regatta Policies:

- Event entries must be submitted by Thursday, September 19th.  Lineups accepted up until 5am on race day via RegattaCentral

- Scratches on race day will carry no penalty but also no refund 

- Hot-Seating will not be accomodated by reggatta officals and events will not be delayed for boats who have hot-seated.  If you intend to hot-seat a boat, it is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that enough time has been allotted as well as notify the dockmaster of the intent to hot-seat, at which time the dockmaster will direct your hot-seating crew to recover at and launch from the Vassar College docks.

- Crossing of the travel/race Bouy-line in either direction will result in a 60" pentaly for the offending crew

- All Warm-up's must be conducted by at least half power (4's or higher in 8+'s, pairs in 4+'s, singles in the 2x) and all boats must move to the start line and docks with purpose

- All returning crews must proceed single file between the "first" (eastern-most) bridge abutment and Bouy-line on their way to the dock from Upper Landing Park to Dutchess Avenue through the Walkway Over the Hudson former railroad bridge to avoid utility work by Central Hudson Gas Corp under the Walkway

- Trailers will be permitted to arrive and park on-site in the HRRA Community Boathouse South-lot from 3pm to 7:30pm on Saturday 9/21 or 4:30am to 6:00am on Sunday 9/22.  If these times to not work for you then please reach out to the Regatta Director to work out an alternate time