Brock Invite

  • Hosted By: Brock Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2019)



54th Annual Brock Invitational Regatta

October 12, 2019 at Henley Island

St. Catharines







TO:                              OUA Coordinators and Rowing Coaches:

FROM:                        Peter Somerwil

DATE:                        Thursday September 25, 2019

SUBJECT:                  Brock Invitational Regatta, October 12, 2019

LOCATION:              Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course, St. Catharines, Ontario


  1.         Women’s Novice 8
  2.         Women’s Novice 4
  3.         Women’s Heavyweight 2-
  4.         Men’s Heavyweight 2-
  5.         Women’s Lightweight 1X
  6.         Men’s Lightweight 1X
  7.         Women’s Heavyweight 2X
  8.         Men’s Heavyweight 2X
  9.         Women’s Lightweight 8
  10.         Men’s Lightweight 8
  11.         Women’s Heavyweight 4
  12.         Men’s Heavyweight 4
  13.         Women’s Lightweight 2X
  14.         Men’s Lightweight 2X
  15.         Men’s Novice 8
  16.         Men’s Novice 4
  17.         Women’s Heavyweight 1X
  18.         Men’s Heavyweight 1X
  19.         Women’s Lightweight 4
  20.         Men’s Lightweight 4
  21.         Women’s Heavyweight 8
  22.        Men’s Heavyweight 8 
  23.        Women’s Lightweight 2-
  24.        Men’s Lightweight 2-


                       Sunrise 7:10

                        6:00-9:00am                Weigh-in at Race-site for all lightweights and coxswains.

                        7:00am                                    Coaches Meeting

                        Launch time for races is 40min prior to race time

                        8:00am                        Heats (Last year heats ran at 6 min intervals)

                                                            Finals (every 10 minutes)

                        Sunset 6:39

*Exact times for each race will be published once entries have been finalized.

Weigh-ins:      The scale hours are from 6:00-9:00am

                        1.5kg allowance

                        Cox women’s crews – 55kg min (Note corrected from bulletin #1)

                        Cox men’s crews – 55kg min

Race Format:  2000m 8 lane with fixed start. This regatta will be buoyed with outside lanes only having one buoy line     

Entry Fee:       There is a basic institution entry fee of $100. (Please use only one person to submit entries or the system may ask you to pay the institution fee twice.)

                        Entry fee for each seat entered is $4 plus RCA seat fee of $3.25 and ORA seat fee of $2.25. This fee structure is being used to get close to breaking even but still apportion costs based on team size, instead of the old one fee for all.

Entry Info:      Entries are due by 5 pm, Monday, October 7, 2019. On Regattacentral

Entry Rules:    Please see OUA Rules and Regulations. Any University entry using fulltime university students is eligible for full competition.

Exhibition Entries: Entries, such as local clubs or high schools, will be considered exhibition.  Exhibition entries will be permitted if there are open lanes available.  Exhibition entries may not progress to finals or be eligible for a medal.”

Progression: Heat winners plus fastest times. Novice events heats only times will determine overall winner. 

Umpires:         Licensed Umpires will supervise the races

Meetings:        Coaches meetingwill be held on Saturday, October 12th 7:00 am, at the Clerk of the course booth. 

Awards:          Gold medals will be presented to crew members and coxswains for 1st place after final race at clerks booth. Novices are by fastest time.

Weather Contingency:            

  • We may start racing at sufficient light +/-7:20am first race.
  • Fastest times from heats may be used to determine winners.
  • We may condense race centres as much as practicable. 
  • We may delay racing requiring coaches and other university volunteers to take on volunteer roles.


Rule 2.3- Categories of Rowers and Proof of Age and Identity- For university events, the OUA requirements and categories will be used, which vary from the categories in the RCA Rules of Racing.

Rule 2.3- Categories of Rowers and Proof of Age and Identity- For university events, all participants must be student athletes registered at their institution and on the roster for their respective teams. Exhibition entries allowed at the discretion of the chair and do not proceed to finals unless straight final

Rule 2.3- Categories of Rowers and Proof of Age and Identity- Identification will be not checked but upon request, government or for university events, institutional identification must be produced. (There may be an adjustment for those events which may require ID at weigh-ins)

Rule 2.6- Weighing of Coxwains- Coxies will weigh in between 6:00am and 9:00am

Rule 2.10- Lightweight Competitors- An allowance to the maximums for lightweight competitors will be 1.5kg. Men: No individual rower shall weigh more than 74.0 kg. Women: No individual rower shall weigh more than 60.5 kg 

Rule 2.11- Weighing of Athletes in Weight Restricted Events- Lightweight competitors must weigh-in for weight restricted events that they are competing in, but they do not have to weigh-in as a crew.

Rule 2.11- Weighing of Athletes in Weight Restricted Events- The weigh-in time period will be 6:00am till 9:00am. Lightweight rowers or crews that exceed the required weight may still race but with the status exhibition.

9.3.3 will be used; winner and fastest times. Novices straight finals winner based on time