River City Virtual Rebellion: Row Boats Solo, Compete Together

  • Hosted By: River City Rowing Club

The River City Rebellion will be a Virtual Regatta this year.  Row your races on your own home course and submit times for the tournament. 

The Rebellion is a unique competition for junior, open and masters, men and women of all abilities to race singles, doubles or pairs against each other over 1,000 Meters.  All boats will be entered into one large bracket, with three rounds of racing, culminating in a grand champion.   Boats will be handicapped by age, sex and boat type, and for the virtual regatta, course offsets will be calculated.

Click HERE for the Rebellion Invitation and Rules

Click HERE for a sample Rebellion Bracket

Click HERE for the Rebellion Age, Sex and Boat Type handicaps in seconds.

Register after you have completed the 3 times 1,000M on/ 12:00 off workout and enter your times along with registering.  The race times are mandatory fields for Registering/Entering.  Please use the MM:SS.0 time format when entering your times to allow Excel to recognize the data as Minutes (M) and Seconds (S), to the tenth of a second. 

Please include the 0 in front of the Minutes and after the decimal point (or a number).  For example, enter 04:20.0 not 4:20.  Thanks!

If there are ties in Rounds 1 or 2, advancement to the subsequent round will be resolved by the Regatta Director flipping a coin.