Shocker Sprints

  • Hosted By: Wichita State University Rowing Team

Rules and Regulations

Every participant must sign a waiver on the morning of the Regatta unless they have a waiver on file with USRowing.

Weigh-In Procedure

  • All Lightweights must weigh-in on 2/15/2020 between 8-9am.
  • The weigh-in area is located to the right as you walk into the upstairs gym in the Heskett Center.
  • Any Lightweight competitor that does not make weight will be allowed to compete at their pre-assigned time, but his/her result will be placed into the Open division for that category.
  • As a reminder, please note the weight restrictions:
    • Lightweight Men = 165 lbs max
    • Lightweight Women = 135 lbs max


Warm-up ergs will be available for use by all competitors adjacent to the competition portion of the race floor.

Event Classifications for 2020

  • Open - No age restrictions
  • Lightweight – Men – 165 lbs max, Women – 135 lbs max
  • Junior – Restricted to entrants in high school (or lower grade) born on or after January 1, 2018. Junior age is calculated based on calendar year.
  • Master – A competitor who has, or will, attain 21 years of age by December 31 of the current calendar year.  Age fraction is rounded down.  The US Rowing handicap formula will be used for rowers over the age of 27.

All competitors will row on Concept2 Model D Ergometers. Rowers may set the drag factor before their races begin. The event is open to all competitors regardless of experience/skill levels. Rowers must compete under their own names.

The format for the races is finals only.  Keep in mind that many events are large enough to require multiple heats to accommodate all athletes. The best overall time will win each event. Medals will be awarded to the winner of each category raced as determined by classification of age, weight, and gender. Competitors are only eligible to win a medal for the event in which they are entered.

Handicaps will be given on the team 1K for masters, light weights and women. Each female will be given an 8sec handicap and each lightweight will be given a 3sec handicap.

Interpretation of Rules

The meaning and application of these rules will be determined solely by the Race Committee. All deliberations and decisions by the Race Committee will be secret, arbitrary, and final.