Heart of Texas

  • Mar 8, 2008 To Mar 9, 2008
  • sprint
  • Ladybird Lake
  • Austin, TX (USA)
  • Hosted By: Austin Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

updated 3/5/08

Coaches and coxswain meetings will be held at 6:15 AM on Saturday and Sunday at the registration tent.

A map of the course and the venue is posted on Regattacentral venue link and at austinrowing,org/heart


updated 3/3/08

Thanks for entering the 2008 Heart of Texas Regatta.  This year, we have over 700 entries, which makes this biggest Heart we have ever held.
Attached is the schedule.  Please check your entries for accuracy and let us know if there are any discrepancies.  We have endeavored to contact everyone with entry problems in order to resolve them however, several entries that were incomplete were not added to the schedule.   We have also used some sophisticated software to try and minimize hotseating issues for athletes as much as possible   You can also find the schedule online at
Scratches, Late entries and Modifications
Entries at Regatta Central have been closed.  If you need to scratch, modify or submit a late entry, please use the forms at the links below.
As previously noted, all competitors must sign a US Rowing waiver (linked below).  Do you and your team a big favor and get these turned in as soon as possible.  You can show up with your waivers at the registration desk on Friday night or Saturday morning but, plan on being there awhile.  We will take care of people who have submitted their waivers early before we go through a big stack of them at the last minute.  All waivers must be submitted and checked off at least 2 hours prior to any race.
Our mailing address is:
Austin Rowing Club
P.O. Box 1741
Austin, TX 78741
We are not accepting faxed waivers this year.
Sunday Schedule
Due to the large increase in entries for Sunday events, we have had to go to six minute centers (one race starting every six minutes) this year.  The Saturday schedule will still race on seven minute centers.  In order to make this work, all crew must be skilled in backing into the starting platform and keeping a point by sculling the bow around.  They also need to understand how a countdown start works.  PLEASE take the time to review these skills with your crews before the Regatta.  The early forecast is for great racing weather with very little wind, but anything can happen.

Bow Numbers
Bow numbers will not be provided, please make sure to bring your own. 

Don't forget to read the Regatta Rules and all the updates at the news tab on the Regatta Central page.
We hope to have a fantastic weekend of racing and look forward to seeing you in Austin.
George Jenkins,
On behalf of
Paul Scripko
Sylvia Pin
Ham Richards
Jessica Hymowitz
Rob Ignatowski
And the entire Heart of Texas Staff
Important Links
Late Entry Form:   http://austinrowing.org/request.php?244
Substitution Form:  http://austinrowing.org/request.php?235
Scratch Form:    http://austinrowing.org/request.php?238

Regatta Rules:   http://austinrowing.org/request.php?241
USRowing Waiver:   http://www.usrowing.org/uploads/docs/2008releaseofliability_ZUX24Y.pdf

Austin Rowing Club Heart of Texas Page:   http://austinrowing.org/page.php?12

Regatta Central Heart of Texas Page:  http://www.regattacentral.com/index.jsp?section=overview&tab=regattas&id=673


updated: 2/27/08
Entry Fees are due by the close of entries February 29 at midnight PST
.  There was an erroneous date on the Regatta Central -- Dates and Deadlines page that showed March 8th as the due date.

Please allow four races in between events where you are sharing equipment or athletes.  Example: if you have a boat in race one, you should not to use that same boat until race five.

Security will be provided Friday and Saturday night.  All trailers need to be parked at the venue, not at the ARC boathouse.

There will not be a Team Points Trophy or Efficiency Trophy awarded at this year's Regatta.

Junior Athletes in Open, Junior Varsity and Junior JV races.

Junior athletes may row in Open races on Saturday without affecting their Varsity or JV status for Junior races. Example: Two junior men can row in the Open double on Saturday and still row in the Junior JV double on Sunday. 

Junior athletes may row in Junior events that do not have JV category without affecting their Varsity or JV status for Junior races that do offer a JV category.  Example:  A Junior athlete can row in the Junior Men's Eight and still compete in the Junior JV quad because there is no event for the junior men's JV eight.  The same applies to the junior men's and women's single.

A Junior athletes may not compete in a Junior Varsity event and a Junior JV event if both events offer a JV category.  Example:  The same athlete cannot compete in the Junior Women's Varsity Quad and the Junior Women's JV double.

In order for a team to enter a Junior JV event, they must also have an entry in the corresponding  Junior Varsity event.  Coaches are honor-bound to enter their faster boat in the Varsity event.  Example:  A School may not enter the Junior Men's JV Double without entering the Junior Men's Varsity Double.  The entry in the Varsity double should be the faster of the two entries.

Junior Novice rowers may compete in Junior Varsity, Junior JV as well as Junior Novice events as long as they meet the definition and requirements of a Junior Novice athlete.

Junior Women cannot compete in Open events in which women's collegiate NCAA programs are competing
.  The NCAA does not allow athletes from NCAA "varsity" programs to compete against athletes who are still in high school.  This does not apply to collegiate club programs or collegiate men's programs.  The restricted races include: Women's Open Eight, Women's Novice Eight, Women's Second Novice Eight, Women's Open Four, Women's Novice Four, Women's Open Pair.