Midwest Championship Erg Sprint

  • Hosted By: Ohio State University Crew


Please make sure entries are accurate at the registration deadline. Any scratches after the registration deadline will be subject to the full entry price. We cannot guarentee the acceptance of late entries.

Entries submitted after the Late Registration Deadline will not be accepted.

Each athlete must complete a release form to be eligible for competition.

There is no food of drink permitted inside the gym area except water and sports drink.

Doors open at 7AM. Participants and spectators should get credentials from the RPAC welcome desk.

Consistent with prior years, gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded for all events with 5 or more competitors. Gold and sliver medals will be awarded for events with 4 or fewer competitors.

Points will be awarded in the junior events to the first six finishers. An NK Cox Box will be awarded to the junior program with the most overall points (coxswain events do not count towards the points tally). See the points system here.

Lanes are assigned after registration is closed and are subject to change.

Headphones are not permitted for athletes during their race.

Masters Events:

  • We will not offer events for specific age categories. All Master's events will use a USRowing handicapping algorithm to determine competitors' final times. A course multiplier of 1.0 is used. Handicaps shown are raw. Actual times are based on the final entry pool (compared with the youngest competitor) as well as the category spread of the entry pool. Handicaps are not final. Birthdates and handicaps are subject to verification by regatta personnel.

Lightweight Specifications:

  • Junior Lwt Men: 155lb. max
  • Junior Lwt Women: 135lb. max
  • Open & Masters Lwt Men: 165lb. max
  • Open & Masters Lwt Women: 135lb. max
  • Coxswain: 130lb max

Weigh ins will be open from 7AM to 2:00PM.  Please weigh in no less than one hour prior to your scheduled race.

Parent and Recreation Events:

  • No handicap will be applied in these events.