Cincinnati Indoor

  • Hosted By Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc.
  • 2020 Indoor Membership Regatta


                          2020 Cincinnati Indoor Rowing Championships

                                      Sunday February 9. 2020

   Summit Country Day Athletic Complex 5580 Ehrling Road Cincinnati, OH 45227

                        Host Club: Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club, Inc.

This race is a qualifier regatta of the USRowing Indoor Championships which will be held March1, 2020 in Boston, MA. Please see details at US Rowing Indoor National Championships Regatta Central site.

Entry Packets: Regatta Packet is also available online.    Registration Fee:  $25.00 before or on Wednesday,, February 5, 2018. $30.00 thereafter.   The Fee cap is $500.00 for any school, club or organization that registers on-line as a team.


Registration can be completed on-line until Wednesday February 5, 2020 via the Registration Form under Registration in the left nav.   All participants must also submit a completed release of liability waiver form. Waivers will be handled through Regatta Central.  All participants must have a waiver on file either on-line through Regatta Central (US Rowing Members only) or a paper waiver with the CJRC Registration Coordinator.  Particpants do not need to be a member of US Rowing.


We encourage payments be made online via Regatta Central registration using a credit card.  Check payments: Please make check payable to CJRC (Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club) and mail directly to Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club at:   Cincinnati Indoor Rowing Championships   PO Box 541122 Cincinnati, OH 45254. 


Participants will be divided into races based on estimated 2000M ERG time. First race begins at 8:00 AM. Except for the Adaptive, JRow, coxswain, and community race, all races are 2000 meters.  The Adaptive event will be 1000 meters.  Concept II Model D Ergometers will be used.  Adaptive rowers requiring different equipment (e.g. fixed seat adaptations) are required to bring their own equipment.  Video performance monitors allow athletes and spectators to watch the boats move along the course.  Rowers may use the damper setting of their choice; the setting may not be changed during the race.  Each competitor will row only once in a Final–Only format, competing in a twelve- person race. 

Erg Scores:

Please provide a likely 2000 -meter score so that you can race with people of similar speed.


High School Event Participants (14-18).  Must have been born on or before September 1, 2006 and be enrolled in high school (or lower grade) as of race day.  No one under the age of 14 may row. High School Novice participants:  Must have started rowing no earlier than June 1, 2019.  Lightweight divisions:  There are lightweight divisions within the Open, College Varsity, High School Varsity, and Master, Senior, and Veteran events.  Maximum weights:  165 pounds for men; 135 pounds for women.  Weigh-in begins at 8:00 am and is available throughout the day.

Masters:  (30-39), Seniors (40-49), and Veterans (50+) will be seeded according to their submitted erg scores, not age.  We recognize for prizes in the traditional age divisions for veterans: 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, etc. Adaptive:  The following categories are available:  AS (Arms-Shoulders) class is for rowers who have no minimal trunk function (i.e. shoulder function only); TA (Trunk-Arms) class is for rowers who have functional use of the trunk and who are not able to use the sliding seat to propel the boat because of significantly weakened function or mobility of the lower limbs; and LTA (Legs-Trunk-Arms) class is for rowers who have functional use of their leg(s), trunk, and arms for rowing, and who can utilize the sliding seat.  WRIC recognizes 4 sub-groups of the LTA Class:  LTA-P (physically disabled) any physical disability that is not defined by the other three sub groups (above the knee amputee, Visually impaired, intellectual disabled). 

Junior Row (J-Row) Event:  Seventh and eighth grade rowers who have not participated in a novice rowing program.  Distance: 1000 meters. Coxswain Events:  Maximum weights of 130 pounds for men, 120 pounds for women.  Distance: 1000 meters.  Coxswains who exceed the weight requirements may compete but are not eligible for medals. 


 Approximate starting times for each division – the order of events will remain set.  For your own planning, the actual starting times will not be earlier than 9:00 am.  Please include an email address with registration.   An email will be sent if the times are much later due to the number of registrations received.  


Medals go to the first three in each division, regardless of the heat in which that time is attained.  


New and used are availabe for purchase.  New ERG pricing: $850.  Used ERG pricing: $675. Please email Regatta Director at to reseve an ERG for purchase.  Purchasers are responsible for transporting ERGs.

If you have any questions please contact Kim Smyth, Regatta Director, at