War at the Shore Ergathon

  • Hosted By Mainland Regional High School

The tentative event schedule currently posted on Regatta Central is generalized by event only and not broken down into heats.  A more specific heat schedule will be released the week of February 17th once we assign participants that have registered by the deadline of Friday February 7th (extended to Thursday February 13th).  Following this, entries will be added on a space available basis only and are not guaranteed to compete.  Walk ins also will be accomodated day of on a space available basis however, event registration will shut down 1 hour prior to said event to allow time for heat adjustments to be updated within the racing database. 

Tentative event start times are as follows.  

1K - 8:00am

6K - 9:00am

2K - 11:30an

500m - 1:00pm


Entry in multiple events is permitted however, a fee of $25 will be assessed for each separate event entry.  There is however a discounted fee of $30 total to participate in what our coach affectionately refers to as "The Challenge".  If you register for this event, you will automatically be entered into the following three events (2K,6K & 500m).  After all, you deserve a break if you are gutsy enough to tackle over 8,000m in an all day event!  Hats off to you!