City Championships

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • Cancelled

Traffic Pattern – Philadelphia City Championship – 2017


Time Trials  / Traffic Pattern for the Start:

- Launching from the Temple dock -  Launch facing upriver, stay on East side in '0' lane, do not cross the river.

- Row up to the marshal above the 2000 M course start line.

- Stay in numerical order, if possible .

- A marshal will provide instructions for staging and will send crews into our 1500 M start.

- Crews should be at full pressure at 1500 M.

- Use Lane 4 for boats with bow numbers ending with an even digit.

- Use lane 5 for boats with bow numbers ending with an odd digit.

- Boats will be launched every 15 seconds. 

Note : Crews launching from Boat House Row / stay on the West side of the river till above the 2000M course start. Do not cross the river. 


Time Trials Traffic Pattern  /  Back to the Recovery Dock:

- After the finish, do not stop, row through Columbia Bridge.

- Marshals will turn crews around and provide instructions for returning up river.

- Crews launching from Boat House Row may continue down river.

- Crews launching from the Temple dock will return using the East side '0' lane and will not cross the river to the City dock for recivery.

- Crews will row back through the Columbia Bridge and remain close to the East wall; being careful not to move out into the racing lanes.

- Approach the dock in single file; listen for instructions from the DockMaster.




Sprint Racing Traffic Pattern:


Launching & recovery will follow the standard Schuylkill Navy Traffic Pattern.


Sprint Launching:

- Launch from the Temple Dock up river and row to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. 

- Stop at the bridge and await instructions from the Marshal to cross.

- Row directly over to the West Side and continue up to the Marshal near the the 2000M course start.

- Marshals will turn and send crews down to the start.

- Look ahead for stake boats and the start tower anchored in the river. 

Note: Crews launching from Boat House Row / stay on the West side of the river till above the 2000M course start. Do not cross the river. 

Sprint Recovery:

- At the finish row through the Columbia Bridge.

- Turn to starboard, i.e. toward the West side.

- Row back through the Columbia Bridge using a West side arch.

- Row up on the west side of Peters Island, till you reach the Crossing Marshal at the head of the island.

- The Marshal will provide crossing instructions; sending crews directly over to the '0' lane on the East side.

- Crews will return up the '0' lane in single file; staying close to the wall and being careful not to interfere with crews racing down in lane '1'.