Saint Valentine's Day Regatta

  • Hosted By: Pelham Community Rowing Association
  • 2020 Indoor Membership Regatta

We have partnered with TimeTeam for this year’s Virtual St. Valentine’s Day Regatta. PLEASE do a practice run as soon as possible to avoid any technical issues on race day. Their full instruction manual is linked here.


Equipment Required


● Concept2 ergometer with PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor 

○ Updated Concept2 Performance Monitor firmware 

● Laptop, PC, or Mac 

● USB A-B cable a.k.a Printer Cable (see appendix) ● Internet connection wired (preferable) or WiFi 

Operating System (any of the following) 

● Mac OS X 

● Windows 8.1 or higher 

● Chrome OS 

Software (any of the following) 

● Google Chrome version 78 or higher 

● Microsoft Edge version 79 or higher